All-Ireland 2019 Betting Predictions: Kerry to Be the Best Gaelic Football Again

  • Kerry started the year strong and is ready to get back to the top
  • Mayo might surprise according to All-Ireland 2019 betting predictions
  • Tyrone might recover on time for the championship, despite bad results in the league
Kerry has everything to win All-Ireland this year

The 132nd edition of the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship will start on the 5th of May. The best Irish counties will be fighting for the Sam Maguire cup. As betting sites are already thinking about the winner, our All-Ireland 2019 betting predictions favor Kerry.

The All-Ireland SFC is one of the most important tournaments of the Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA). The big final is always played on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of September in Croke Park, Dublin. Online sportsbooks in Ireland are pointing to a Dublin’s victory, as they won the last 4 championships. However, and considering Bovada’s Gaelic football betting odds, we think that Kerry can prove this year why it is the still the most successful team in the history of the sport.

Most people in the world are not very familiar with Gaelic Football and its rules can be confusing. Besides Ireland, the sport is mainly played in the Irish diaspora countries, in North America, Australia, and the UK. But we have you covered, and everything you need to know is on our sports review.

Kerry is looking for a revival in this year’s championship

Kerry has won the All-Ireland SFC 37 times and the National League 20 times. Overall, they have been in 59 finals of the All-Ireland, while Dublin has been in 36. This is mainly to their unbeatable teams during the 1970s and 1980s. But Kerry kept on growing strong until today.

Despite a downfall in the late 20th century, Kerry came back to victories in 1997. It hasn’t been the same as before, but competition became stronger. And, this year, the county has a new manager, which brings hopes to regain fame. Peter Keane is a three-time Minor All-Ireland winner and is already showing good results, as the team is first in the league.

Kerry’s last championship was in 2014, but this year the county is definitely working to extend its long list of titles. With young star players such as Gavin White and David Clifford – who won a 2018 PxC All-Star award –  Kerry (5.00) can win the 2019 edition.  

All-Ireland 2019 betting predictions are bright to county Mayo

Mayo has been having an impressive year. Just like Kerry, the county saw some changes and hired the manager James Horan.

Despite his initial pessimism, Mayo has already won against Tyrone and Kerry, the leading team in the league. When Horan arrived, he found an aging team but soon started to reorganize it, which seems to be paying off.

Mayo has been long waiting to lift the Sam Maguire cup. The county hasn’t won the title since 1951, despite having disputed three finals in the last 6 years, losing to Dublin.

All-Ireland 2019 Betting Predictions
Dublin’s Croke Park has a capacity of over 80,000.

The hopes are high this year, and after almost 70 years, they want to win the title once again. Mayo’s odds of winning are 11.00 at Bovada.

Gaelic football betting odds show that Tyrone is unlikely to revenge the 2018 final

Tyrone was the runner-up in last year’s All-Ireland. They lost to Dublin in the final, but the team’s success led to 7 nominations at the PwC All-Star awards. The ceremony distinguished Tyrone’s defenders Colm Cavanagh (previous winner in 2017) and Padraig Hampsey.

It is surprising why Tyrone shows in 4th place in the Gaelic football betting odds. They won the All-Ireland three times, all in the 2000s, and have been leading really good seasons in the last few years.

Despite the bad performance in the league so far, Tyrone recently had an imposing performance against Dublin, leading the “Boys in Blue” to rethink their strategy.

Tyrone can repeat the success from last year and its odds of winning are 13.00.

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