Jobless NJ Casino Workers Struggle to Make Ends Meet


Posted: April 4, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

Casino staff members struggle to cope with the decline of Atlantic City’s casino industry.

Atlantic City’s marked decline has been bad for casinos, with last year being the worst for casino revenue in 22 years. Faced with competition from new land-based and online casinos in America, the East Coast gambling hub can’t seem to keep up. While investors have been hit hard, it’s important to remember the plight of the people who really make the industry work: casino and hotel staff. Many of these people have been laid off and as they tend to be low-educated, there aren’t many places to turn for new jobs.

Casinos employ more people than most realize

When the Atlantic Club Casino made casino news by closing late last year. This was especially hard for workers to take because the casino was purchased by two rival executives for $23.3 million for the express reason of closing it. Business is business, and the real-life needs of staff members always takes a back seat.

When a casino closes, everyone from blackjack croupiers to poker dealers to pit bosses to cooks to hotel maids to bartenders lose their jobs. When the Club closed down 1,600 employees were laid off, including many who had worked there for over 20 years. Here’s hoping that they can find opportunities elsewhere.

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