Kokorin and Mamaev Betting Specials: Prison or Compensation?

Two Russian star footballers are facing criminal prosecution for hitting a government official with a chair in a Moscow café and hitting another man on the street. Bookies are offering Kokorin and Mamaev betting specials. There are two possible scenarios: five years in prison, or 1 million compensation.

Kokorin and Mamaev betting specials
Bookies offer Kokorin and Mamaev betting specials on the court to order five years in prison each or 1+ million in compensation over their attacks in Moscow
Aleksandr Kokorin
Zenit Saint Petersburg forward, Aleksandr Kokorin could face 5 years in prison.

On October 8th, Zenit Saint Petersburg forward, Aleksandr Kokorin and Krasondar midfielder, Pavel Mamaev were involved in a brawl with a high ranking Russian official in a café and with a man on the street. The incidents happened in Moscow with just about two hours of each other, and both victims were taken to a hospital.

A Moscow court ordered the arrest of the two Russian players with expectations to be charged with hooliganism. They are currently held in custody for two months. The best online gambling sites in Russia are offering odds on the Kokorin and Mamaev trial to result with either:

  1. custodial sentence
  2. conditional discharge
  3. five years in prison.

Five years in prison or 1+ million in compensation

Pavel Mamaev
Krasondar midfielder, Pavel Mamaev

It does not look good for these two footballers. The attacks have been caught on cameras. Therefore, it will be very hard for their lawyers to come up with strong case in defense. If the two players are charged and found guilty, they could face up to five years in prison each. You can bet on that with odds at 4.34 on Kokorin’s case and 4.42 on Mamaev’s case at 1xBet Sportsbook.

The court has dismissed appeals filed by Kokorin and Mamaev and ordered to keep them in pre-trial detention until December 08. However, their lawyers will try to reach settlements with cash compensation to the victims. Kokorin and Mamaev betting odds are 1.27 on the two players to pay 1 million or more to the victims.  

Both victims were important officials

The incidents have caused public outcry and huge attention from online sportsbook news in Russia. First, because the two players are public figures who used to play for the national team until 2016. Second, because the victims were important people:

  • Denis Park
    • official from the Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Sergey Gaysin
    • CEO of the State Research Centre of the Russian Federation.

Their Premier League contracts could be terminated

Criticisms have been overwhelming and coming from the top. The Russian Premier League have condemned the two players’ hooligan behavior and the talk of the town is that the two clubs are looking into terminating their contracts. You can bet with yes (1.765) or no (1.95) on Zenit to terminate Kokorin’s contract, and yes (1.24) or no (3.62) on Krasnodar to terminate their contract with Mamaev.

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