Lawsuit Launched Against Disgraced Cyclist Lance Armstrong For Lying

Lance Armstrong, annoyed face, lawsuit

The court would like to question Armstrong’s girlfriend, Anna Hansen about his history of lying.

A lawsuit is being filed against Lance Armstrong, the former world cyclist who lost his 7 Tour de France titles after he was found guilty of doping. Court documents that were recently filed by the U.S. government shows Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend and mother of his 2 youngest children, being summoned to court to get her to tell the truth about his drug use and to testify in an issue involving his role in a car accident that happened in Aspen, Colorado.

• Armstrong being sued for civil fraud
• Team mate Hamilton revealed on TV in 2011 that Armstrong was doping
• Armstrong a defendant in six lawsuits

Under the Colorado Constitution and Colorado law only the Colorado Lottery, Colorado Division of Racing, and social gambling are allowed. For example, an organization could legally conduct a tournament in a US poker room for the pure entertainment. Armstrong is being sued for civil fraud and Hansen was recently issued a subpoena to testify in a deposition in May. Armstrong’s lawyers would like to have the judge overturn the subpoena ruling, citing ignorance on the part of Armstrong’s girlfriend concerning the case.

Government wants Hansen to admit that Armstrong is a liar

However, the government has no intention of letting anyone off the hook. According to government attorneys, “Until his confession, Armstrong told only those closest to him the truth about his drug-fueled success as a cyclist. The United States is entitled to learn what Armstrong told those confidants, including Anna Hansen, about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, his acts of concealment and other matters relating to this litigation.”

The government also pointed the finger at Armstrong about lies about a late-night automobile collision. They would like to prove that Hansen knows that Armstrong has tendency to lie, “For example, Hansen has admitted to conspiring with Armstrong to lie to Colorado police officers in the hope that Armstrong could avoid liability… Additionally, any knowledge Hansen has concerning other instances of Armstrong’s untruthfulness, including about his doping activities and concealment campaign, are properly discoverable.” said government attorneys.

Armstrong lets girlfriend take the heat

Lance Armstrong Anna Hansen in car

According to US gambling news, Armstrong reportedly asked Hansen to take the heat about hitting two parked cars with his vehicle in Aspen in order to avoid more unwanted publicity following the doping scandal in the Tour de France. Hansen eventually went back on her version about her being the one who hit the cars. No charges were brought against her. Armstrong later pleaded guilty to careless driving.

But just when Armstrong thought his nightmares were over after coming cleaning on the Oprah Winfrey where he admitted using performance enhancing drugs to obtain his seven Tour de France titles, his troubles were nowhere near ending. The government has decided to sue the former cyclist on behalf of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

Armstrong may pay $100 million for breach of contract

Armstrong with Clinton

The USPS claimed that it wouldn’t have sponsored Armstrong’s cycling team to the tune of $30 million had it known that the team was doping, and thus the contract should be declared null and void. The government accuses Armstrong of making false statements in order to “get the USPS to make sponsorship payments to the team and to avoid the team’s obligation to repay”. Armstrong is looking at probably having to fork out over $100 million in damages.

The government attorneys also divulged the relationship that Hansen had with Armstrong, “Hansen has been in a relationship with Armstrong since 2008 and, during the period of their relationship, Armstrong engaged in conduct that is unambiguously relevant to this litigation — most notably, his attempts to silence anyone who knew about his doping. Hansen’s suggestion that she `knows nothing’ related to Armstrong’s doping and concealment is implausible.”

From the slopes of success to being stripped of 7 world titles

Armstrong, started off his career as a professional cyclist in 1985, He won the Iron Kids Triathlon at the age of 13. We bet under US gambling laws, that there is no way he was doing drugs back then. Then in 1991 he won the U.S. Amateur Cycling Champion, being the youngest to do so. 2 years later he became the World Cycling Champion. And in 1997, the world watched with awe as Lance conquered cancer. Soon after recovery, he founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help with cancer research, raising over $300,000 in 1998 alone.

Lance then went on to participate in 3 Olympic Games in 1992, 1996, and 2000. Then it was a quick descent to hell after climbing to the summits of fame and fortune in 7 Tour de France races. In June 2012, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) accused Armstrong of doping and trafficking of drugs, based on blood samples from 2009 and 2010, and testimonies from witnesses including former teammates. Given all this information, would anyone want to wager on what’s next for Armstrong?

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