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Posted: May 2, 2023

Updated: May 2, 2023

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  • LGBTQ+ athletes in 2023

We dedicated this article to collecting some of the openly LGBTQ+ Athletes in 2023. We made this list to celebrate the upcoming LGBTQ Sports events coming in May 2023. Furthermore, these people are here to give you the daily dose of motivation you need. Because their bravery is inspiring and we couldn’t be more amazed by the way they combat not only harsh opinions but also a somewhat valid committee rule. Let’s learn of openly LGBTQ athletes of all colors and sports.

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In this article, I have collected a few examples of openly LGBTQ+ Athletes in 2023 to celebrate the upcoming human rights events hosted during May. If you are a member of the community, or at least want to celebrate human rights with betting.

Then you can always find these athletes at online sportsbook sites in the UK. Furthermore, we would like to contribute to an atmosphere that openly supports human rights. However, keep in mind that the comfort of these athletes is the most important aspect of the LGBTQ+ community.

Therefore this article consists of people who have openly come out, representing the community and their rights as a human. There are valid counter-arguments against the phenomenon of trans people competing against the opposite biological gender. But these debates are often agreed upon with a neutral tone.

Megan Rapinoe – LGBTQ+ Athletes In 2023

Let’s start our article with not only one of the most honorable members of the community. But also someone who became famous with one of the most beautiful hairs in history. Therefore, we are going to talk about Megan Rapinoe. She is a lesbian soccer player from the United States.

She has won several national and international titles. Among her many achievements, the biggest are two Olympics gold medals, and two FIFA Women’s World Championship titles.

According to Bleacher Report at the moment she is one of the two women athletes who signed a letter to request the elevation of the ban on trans athletes. Therefore, they prefer equality above everything, which is respectable. It takes a true hero to be able to give a blind eye to the scientific facts, risking being at a disadvantage for the human rights of a potential enemy.

Adam Rippon

Another bastion to the LGBTQ Athletes in 203 is Adam Rippon. According to Sports Media LGBT, there are over 15 upcoming LGBTQ+ sports events in May 2023. This means that we potentially be able to see him representing the community with his presents at least once. He is from the United States, and won several medals at the Winter Olympics as a figure skater.

If you wish to bet on him, just register at Betway Sportsbook. We can expect to see him at the upcoming Winter Olympics before 2024. Therefore, if you find an early betting market, it’s valuable to place a bet on him. Not only because of him being an LGBTQ+ friendly person but because he has one of the biggest odds of winning.

Laurel Hubbard

Laurel Hubbard is a transgender weightlifter from New Zealand. However, she is especially important in sports history. Because she made history in 2023 by becoming the first openly transgender athlete to compete in the Olympic Games. This is important because other events might require the endorsement of such figures.

Therefore, I believe that Laurel Hubbard is one of the most important members of the LGBTQ+ community. According to BBC, the Gay Games will return in 2023. And people such as Laurel give comfort to the other athletes in the community to not be afraid to grab the weights and show themselves in front of the camera.

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Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn – LGBTQ+ Athletes In 2023

We have a whole article about gender identity in eSports. This is why I am going to include eSports players on this list too. Even if they do not get physically challenged by athletic activities. They represent the strategic thinking of the community. Sasha Hostyn, also known by her gamer tag “Scarlett”, is a StarCraft II player. She grew up in Kingston, Ontario. One of her biggest statements is that her gender identity has absolutely nothing to do with how she plays. 

Therefore, her strategy, playstyle, choice of character, and skill can not be mentioned on the same page as her gender identity. Yet, I believe it was an extremely brave decision to stand against the early criticism and instead be the person she is. Therefore, she deserves all the respect for voicing her opinion in the name of trans gamers.

Nicola Adams

While retired, Nicola Adams still deserves the spotlight. She is an openly bisexual boxer who won multiple championship rewards during her career. Including two Olympic gold medals. She has also been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

You don’t have to be one of the biggest names in the industry to show your support. For example, you can also buy a rainbow Lottery Launched to assist LGBTQ.

The LGBTQ+ athletes in 2023 are not important as a form of ideal personalities. Instead, they are all individuals who want to show that you shouldn’t fear the opinion of the world. Because being yourself and comfortable with who you are is the number one priority of our lives. However, you shouldn’t let your identity and society-related fears hold you back from pursuing your career.

Ricki Ortiz

Let’s move on to yet another eSports player among LGBTQ Athletes in 2023. Ricki Ortiz is a professional eSports player who participated in many fighting games. Her gamer tag is “HelloKittyRicki”. Raised as an engineer and metal worker, Ricki probably has a good mind for things.

No wonder why she picked up on fighting games out of everything. Because they require an intense amount of combinatory skills to remember the combos and to understand the moves of the opponent. At first, they came out as a gay eSport player.

However, it did not feel right, which later made her come out as a transgender person. And we can not help but note how similar she looks to one of her favorite characters, Chun-Li. Talking about hair, we have an article to learn how to bet on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Do you bet on Emmy Nominated gay shows?

Tom Daley – LGBTQ+ Athletes In 2023

Daley is an openly gay professional diver from the United Kingdom. He has won multiple medals at the Olympic Games and other major competitions and has also been a prominent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. However, we have unfortunate news for the fans. Yet, a much-deserved break for Tom Daley.

He announced that he wouldn’t participate in the 2022 tour in Birmingham to spend time with his husband and son. However, we might see a return for 2023 and 2024 for the winter. Keep an eye out for Betway Sportsbook to be able to bet on his next athletic performance.

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