Rainbow Lottery Launched To Assist LGBTQ Community Projects

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Rainbow Lottery
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There seems to be a new lottery everywhere you look. Local authorities, charities, sports clubs. If there’s a cause, you can buy a ticket to help it along these days. However, there was, until now, a somewhat glaring omission from the list of progressive jackpot lotteries. Fortunately, a couple of chaps in the UK have cured this lack by setting up the Rainbow Lottery in the UK. As you might have already guessed this will benefit charitable causes within the UK’s LGBTQ+ community.  

Here we are in the 21st century where there seems to be lotteries for just about everything.” Said Tom Gattos, co-founder, along with David Murray, of the new Rainbow Lottery. “Everything, except for the LGBTQ+ community.” He’s not wrong. One can get the impression that these days everyone and their uncle is running a lottery. Football clubs, charity theatres, archeology projects. Everyone. So, why not have a lottery in the UK that more directly supports LGBTQ+ causes?

Now you might think that getting such an effort off the ground is a lot of work. You’re right. It is. Governments, as even the best lotto Jackpot reviews on Lotto Agent will admit, like to keep close tabs on lotteries. There’s a lot of paperwork and bureaucratic hurdles. The modern multi-million pound industry is not the quaint garden shed operation of the Ealing comedies. So, akin to most community lotteries in the UK, they’ve outsourced the Rainbow Lottery operation to the professionals.

Gatherwell Run New LGBTQ+ Lottery Draw

In this case the professionals are Gatherwell, a long-standing lottery solution provider. They are responsible for numerous lotteries across the UK and are ready and able to develop this concept. They have an exceedingly good network of charities to involve. So far nearly 100 different causes have signed up, that’s very good news. Tom and David have obviously hit on a winner and everyone knows it. The Rainbow Lottery is thus, you can presume, very much here to stay.

“You can do something worthwhile even when you’re one thousand years old.”

  • Tom Gattos – Co-founder of the Rainbow Lottery

“As far as David and I are concerned,” Tom admitted frankly, “It’s the most important thing we’ve ever done.” A sentiment you can understand. The lasting effects of charitable donations from this new Rainbow Lottery may prove immeasurable. There are so many good LGBTQ+ causes. Some will think it the best lottery to play simply because 50% of the money goes to helps people like them. Just as the football fans looking up their club lottery at Lotto Agent do

Rainbow Lottery
It’s okay to be gay

Find The Rainbow Lottery At Lotto Agent

Gatherwell already oversee projects that raise upwards of £5m every year. That’s the sort of money that changes lives. Not necessarily for the winners but definitely for the beneficiaries. The housing charity for elderly LGBTQ+ people, the anti-homophobia and bullying campaigns in schools, a projecting helping those living with HIV. These and many more stand to gain from the new Rainbow Lottery. So you can expect it to receive widespread support and thus longevity.

“You don’t have to be gay to play.”

  • Tom Gattos – Co-founder of the Rainbow Lottery

In the years to come thousands of people will benefit from this new Rainbow Lottery in innumerable ways. It might not change the world for the winners, these aren’t the best lottery jackpots in the world, but for some the world will change. That’s why lotteries are so popular and so prevalent. They’re the perfect balance of fun, risk & reward, and charitable giving. So much to feel good about all in one simple ticket purchase. No wonder so many of us think them fabulous.

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We look at the establishment of the Rainbow Lottery in the UK to more directly help LGBTQ+ causes within the community.

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