List Of Gambling Villains – The Most Powerful Enemies In Stories


Posted: June 20, 2024

Updated: June 20, 2024

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This is our list of gambling villains, in case you wish to satisfy your need for good fiction with a gambler enemy! Join us, as we have selected some of the darkest opponents heroes had to face in the realms of fiction. We will talk about people you might recognize, but we will also emphasize the geniuses behind their concepts and powers.

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Today we are going to give you a huge list of gambling villains! Sometimes we all want to create or own little fictional characters, especially if we play games such as Dungeons & Dragons. Other times, we are just scouting for entertainment media to consume while we are bored. These villains are going to give you some of the greatest depths for a gambler. Of course, keep in mind that romanticizing gambling is not a good thing, but using it as a creative character trait can make a villain much more interesting.

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The Joker – List Of Gambling Villains

Let’s start with one of the most iconic comic villains ever created! Terrorizing the Batman universe, we have Joker at the table, most of the time. And trust me, you do not wish to be at the same poker table as the Joker. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, a professional gambler has taken upon the Joker name, and many others followed them. The Joker was a person who did not manage to fit into society, working with good intentions, only to be exploited and abused into insanity.

Thus, the Joker became a curved mirror to society, utilizing clownish tools and of course, anything that may be associated with the word ‘Joker’ including playing cards. We have seen several different varieties of the Joker, and we believe he became a part of not only the DC universe but humankind as a whole. If you are interested in playing gambling games, we recommend registering at Ignition Casino.

Joker gambling

The Elite From Squid Game

We all love a good and powerful character. But what if this character has barely anything to do with the story in terms of screen time? Imagine a large conspiracy, a dark and inhumane scheme. An open question that follows the plot: Why are we inside of a deadly competition for our lives? The answer might be a list of gambling villains, sitting at the table.

In the show, Squid Game, the contestants are playing a game for their lives, and the only winner will take home an incredible amount of cash. The reason why this competition exists, is so the elite may bet on humans as humans would bet on horses. If you are looking for an alternative show, we recommend you take a look at Alice in Borderland on Netflix. Truly an outstanding piece.

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Vaas Montenegro – List Of Gambling Villains

According to the IMDb, Vaas Montenegro managed to create a whole new genre of villains. These are the charismatic villains. They look good, they make a lot of sense, and honestly? We can not even hate them. Vaas Montenegro was a curse to the studio, as they created a villain they will never be able to surpass with anything they might come up with. Vaas created some of the most iconic quotes: “The definition of Insanity is when you wake up every morning, trying to do the same thing, expecting things to be different”.

Vaas gave our main character a life lesson and in the end? He did not become a huge boss fight. Rather, we had to play a game of poker with him. An honest chance to be able to use our mind to fight him. Vaas is genuinely one of the greatest villains we have seen, coming straight outta Far Cry 3.

Vaas from Far Cry 3

Two-Face (Harvey Dent)

Another person from the list of gambling villains is Two-Face. Get used to the DC universe, as most of the time Arkham City fits the gambling world perfectly. According to the Batman Fandom, Harvey Dent has no superpowers, and this is what makes him an exceptional villain. He is essentially a politician, who won the mayor title for Arkham City. However, he lost his mind, and he decided to make decisions based on a single coin flip.

His influence and intelligence is what makes him dangerous. But the true danger comes from the fact that he has no alignment or values anymore. The coin will decide whether he will ruin the whole city, let out dangerous villains, or fight Batman. He was also a good friend of Batman, living in his shadow, which ultimately caused his downfall into villainhood.

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Kirari Momobami – List Of Gambling Villains

Imagine a school, where human value does not exist. This school is secretly a casino, where students get to play gambling games. The one who wins the most is treated like a demi-god, while those who lose are reduced to the level of animals. This is Kakegurui, and Kirari Momobami is running the business. She has one of the most iconic gambling moments in anime connected to her name.

Kirari Momobami’s significant blue hairstyle with braided complexity, her sister who purely exists to become her substitute with a mask, and the whole school of rich and influential people acting as her pet are what make her dangerous. No true superpowers, simply a sharp mind, and an understanding of the way gambling games and human societies work. No matter what fictional system we set for us, as long as everyone agrees. Her power is to create her community out of people who are obsessed with receiving rank over others, enough to risk their freedom.

Kirari gambling scene

Davy Jones

As an honorable mention for the list of gambling villains, we wish to highlight “Gambler” who has some of the best gambling superpowers. Yet, our choice for the most iconic gambling villain must fall on Davy Jones, from the Pirates of the Caribbean. In the last scene, we see William playing “Liar’s Dice” with Davy Jones, who is an extremely intelligent, eldritch pirate captain, who reads through his games. However, he was tricked through the game, and forced into making even more attempts.

But once Davy Jones lost, he stayed true to his name. Yet, William asked him to play yet another game, because he wanted to free his father from Davy Jones’s curse, to serve forever under him in undeath. His power is to turn anyone into his minion who loses to him in gambling. If you wish to play a little safer gambling game, register at Ignition Casino.

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