Lottery Numerology Predictions – Behind The Numbers

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Lottery Numerology Predictions

Numbers are part of our everyday lives. Paying for food, cooking, or calculating the minutes until the next bus is just a fraction of the important roles it fills. It is the same with gambling games too. Think about blackjack or poker. Numbers are everywhere. There is a study that draws conclusions between numbers and coinciding events, called numerology. Wouldn’t it be fun to use numerology at gambling and have a better chance at winning? Read the article about lottery numerology predictions and try this new approach. 

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Picking the Lottery Numbers

Everybody who plays the lottery has their own theories about which numbers to choose. An important date, a birthday, or a random pick? Are there successful strategies, or does winning depend entirely on luck? Sometimes it works, and sometimes you lose. Maybe numerology hides the solution to that. Numerology is considered a universal language of numbers and the numerical values of letters. According to this study, with the correct methods, you can decode your life with the help of numbers. Also, numerology accepts the law of attraction principle, which says that you attract what you think and feel. So, basically, if you don’t believe in winning the lottery, your numbers won’t be picked, and vice versa. In numerology, every number has a different meaning, and to get these meanings you have to count specific numbers. Since this science examines everybody individually, numbers can help understand yourself, or, for example, why you haven’t been a lucky lottery player. 

When you start thinking like a numerologist, picking numbers certainly feels way more complex than before, doesn’t it? According to a numerologist, when a woman reached out to her with being unlucky in all aspects of life, she already knew where to start searching for the answers. Since every letter has a numerical value, our names bear meaning, which numerology can decipher. This lady had a forename that was dysfunctional together with the surname. She had to change it to something she liked and worked well with her other name. Guess what? The series of unlucky events stopped. Interesting, isn’t it? You can even calculate your personal money number, which tells about your financial situation and how well you will be doing in your life. Then you can go on online lottery sites in the UK and test how numerology works in the world of gambling. 

Lottery Numerology Predictions: Calculate Your Money Number

If you are interested in lottery numerology predictions, you can calculate your own lucky numbers. You get your money number by converting your birth date to a single figure and adding one to that value.

Lottery Numerology Predictions
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If you were born on a double-digit day, such as the 21st, you have to add 2 and 1, which will be 3, and add one more to it, so your money number will be 4. In case if you were born on the 29th, you get 11, in which case you have to add one and one as well, so you get two as a result, plus 1 for the money number. If you were born on a single-digit day, such as 9, you need to add 1 to it, so your money number will be 10, but in this case, it will result in 1. Before playing the lottery, be aware of the meanings.


If your money number is 1, then you will have no problem with attracting abundance. Number 2 means you always want more wealth, but it can result in overspending and debt, so be careful. 3 is a lucky money number, the person with this number can easily make money, but it is always in motion, thus it may go away just as fast. Number 4 people can get lucky and win or inherit large amounts. However, it refers to pride, so being modest will help with your finances long-term. Five as a money number is fortunate. These people will most likely become successful with positive mindsets.

Play the Lottery Online at theLotter

Hit the lottery jackpot without leaving your home

You can buy lottery tickets including PowerBall, MegaMillions and more online easily using your desktop or mobile device within minutes. It is safe and easy.

If your number is 6, then money plays no significant role in your life. Sevens like to play with money, like the challenge and taking risks. Although this thinking can result in losing money, these people belong to the lucky ones. If you are an 8, then you like to spend a lot. Getting money comes easily to you, but you will have to learn that it’s not the source of happiness. Nines have to make backup plans because life can bring unexpected expenses, but if they help others, life will reward them in return.

Lottery numerology predictions – Is it possible to foretell the winning numbers?

No one knows if they will win the grand prize in the lottery this week or this year. The wheel of your fortune may turn in the right direction, but neither astrology nor numerology can predict the winning numbers or the date of winning. Don’t believe this when someone tries to convince you! However, based on your date of birth and name, you can guess the numbers that might bring you good luck on your ticket. Numerology is one of the best sciences in analyzing the date of birth and can also shed light on our personalities and the possibilities of our destiny based on the numbers belonging to the letters of our name. It also reveals to us the numbers that will appear in our lives, over and over again. On our license plates, addresses, phone numbers, and tickets. 

Lottery Numerology Predictions
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These numbers belong to you, intertwined with your destiny, so getting to know and using them can increase your chances of grabbing the big jackpot. In numerology, your lucky numbers come from your full date of birth and the name you use – that is, the name you introduce yourself to others. These values ​​are calculated from 4 lucky numbers: the life path number, the date of birth, the numbers in the name, and the birthday. Let’s take an example that shows how to calculate these numbers. Life path number is a priority number in numerology, which is related to your astrological sign as well as showing your basic concept of life. To calculate it, we add each digit of the date of birth until the result is a one-digit number. 

Lottery Numerology Predictions – Calculate Your Lucky Numbers

We will take Brad Pitt as an example. 

Life path number: 12-18-1963=1+2+1+8+1+9+6+3=31=3+1=4

Birthday: 18=1+8=9

Name numbers: Brad= 2+9+1+4= 16; Pitt= 7+9+2+2=20

If you want to find lucky number combinations, you have to add 9 to your life path number. In Brad Pitt’s case, that’s number 13 (4+9). And if you want a set of lucky number combinations, keep adding 9 to the upcoming digits, like 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76, 85, 94. So based on the example, Brad Pitt’s lucky numbers are: 4, 9, 18, 16, 20, and his lucky number series are: 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76, 85, 94, etc. Now that you know how to calculate your lucky numbers, try it and visit The Lotter and play. Here are some more tips on how to pick the winning numbers.

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