Melania to Divorce Trump After His Loss: True or False?

  • Melania and Donald Trump are rumored to divorce soon
  • What are the reasons for the First Lady to dump her husband?
Will Melania divorce Donald Trump, bet on Trump to get a divorce

Rumors about Melania to divorce Trump have reached its peak. The whole world is betting on the outgoing president of the US and the First Lady to split. How serious are rumors about Melania and Donald Trump to end their relationship after his loss at the 2020 Presidential election?

News about the Trumps’ split has been concerning America for the last month. Donald’s loss at the 2020 US Presidential election resulted in odds on Melania to divorce Trump. Is it true or newspapers are just talking a big game? Let’s dig into the couple’s relationship to know which odds to choose at online sportsbooks in the USA.

The Trumps’ love story in brief

Back in the 1990s, Melania Knauss from Yugoslavia came to New York seeking success in modeling but found her future spouse as well. In 1998, the future First Lady met Donald Trump at a party – he was right in the process of divorcing his second wife. The couple became engaged in 2004 and got married the year after.

Melania approves to Donald Trump, Donald Trump will get a divorce
“Sure honey, you’re right, go on” Source: Wikipedia

The Trumps hit the headlines the most in 2015 when Donald decided to run for the presidential seat of the United States. Obviously, Melania was his main supporter. Two years later, she officially assumed the role of the First Lady and accompanied her husband to various events. The 2020 Presidential election was not an exception. Although, it did result in Donald Trump losing to Joe Biden.

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Why are there rumors about Melania to divorce Trump?

Right after Donald Trump’s loss at the 2020 Presidential election, news about the couple’s divorce appeared at online gambling sites in the USA. According to various editions, friends of the couple, and anonymous sources, Melania is planning to divorce Donald as soon as he is out of the office. 

Why can the Trumps split? In fact, there were many signs of the break-up of their relationship. The Internet remembers a viral video of Trump’s inauguration with Melania smiling in Donald’s face then frowning as he looks away. Also, the First Lady refused to take her husband’s hand in public several times. All this caused a wave of rumors about Melania to divorce Trump – the couple seemed to have problems redoubled by Trump’s loss at the recent election.

So, will they split or not?

Everyone is betting on the Trumps now. They are believed either to divorce or to stay together in spite of rumors. To find real-money bets, visit 1xBET Sportsbook; meanwhile, let’s see whether the chances of Melania to divorce Trump are high or not.

The majority thinks that Melania and Donald Trump will salvage their marriage. According to their friends’ words, the First Lady has no plans to split – at least now. The couple has good relationships, even though there are some misunderstandings. Additionally, Melania Trump will lose a lot of privileges, sources state. In particular, she will be paid for being her youngest child’s caretaker and given some jewelry or apartments. It is definitely not as much as the First Lady used to spend in marriage. Therefore, there is no reason for Melania to dump Donald Trump at the moment, so choose the respective odds at 1xBET Sportsbook.

Will Meladia split up from ex president donald trump, donald trump lost everything
That look…it’s true love in her eyes. Source: Wikipedia
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