Mike Tyson: Potentially the Greatest of All Time (part5)

Posted: April 21, 2015

Updated: April 21, 2015

Tyson was a superstar whose lifestyle fought him more than his opponents

“I came from Hell and every match I won was a step out of that world. Each victory would bring me closer to immortal glory.” These are the words of Mike Tyson, former heavyweight boxing champion. Tyson’s study of boxing history prepared him for the ring, but little in his life would prepare him for outside the ring. Mike Tyson’s fall from grace may have been his salvation.

Never before had people seen anyone with such youth, power and aggressiveness Tyson brought to the ring. Caught up in the fame and blinded by the limelight, Tyson failed to see how the changes in promoters, management and trainers would have an irreconcilable difference in his boxing and would mark the disintegration of all that was left of D’Amato’s influence. His final fall was well documented in US gambling news.

Mike Tyson’s loss to James Buster Douglas.

Although James Douglas wasn’t considered a serious contender, nobody made him aware of that. Douglas’ hard work and determination were completely overshadowed by Tyson’s careening life. On February 11, 1990 Tokyo and the world were stunned. Some had said that Tyson was out of shape, but to the contrary he was only two pounds heavier than when he beat Spinks.

Tyson, 30 cm less in reach, had trouble with the quick jabs of Douglas. Tyson’s brilliance wasn’t completely dissipated since he was able to knock down Douglas in the 8th round. Unfortunately the referee miscounted the allowed Douglas three extra seconds to get up. Tyson later complained about the count. In the 10th, an uppercut and some combinations by Douglas landed Tyson on the floor for the first time in his career.

• James Buster Douglas defeated Tyson on February 11, 1990 in Tokyo
• Tyson fought “Razor” Ruddock twice and won both times
• Tyson was accused of rape months before his bout with Holyfield

The event has been called one of the most shocking defeats in modern sports history. Even if the signs were there predicting defeat, nobody was reading them. Some have even made suggestions, worthy of publication on conspiracy websites, that Don King orchestrated Tyson’s defeat to gain greater control over his assets as a defeated champ. After the bout, King tried to claim partial ownership of Douglas in order to get money.

Many people in the U.S were negatively influenced by Tyson’s exploits during that time. As a result many, who wanted Tyson to be defeated, celebrated James “Buster” Douglas. He would be regarded as a hero for beating Tyson. While Douglas got his own boxing video game with Sega, Tyson’s image from Punch Out was quickly replaced by an anonymous pixilation. Tyson’s disgrace was only the beginning.

Tyson’s re-emergence: a comeback trail or a trail of tears

US gambling news were livid at the call as well as much of the audience that booed.

Their second fight three months later proved more positive for Tyson which resulted in two knockdowns for Tyson and 12th round decision in his favor. Tyson would have a shot at title redemption in November of the same year. Unfortunately, the fight had to be postponed due to Tyson having a rib injury during training. At the time Mike, whose endorsements were seriously in jeopardy, was looking for extra ways to earn money.


An invitation to the Miss Black America Pageant was supposed to be an opportunity but became instrumental in his demise. Tyson arranged with Desiree Washington, a contestant, to accompany him to a party. After meeting Tyson and riding with him in his limousine, the two ended up in his hotel room. Tyson’s chauffeur drove Washington back to the hotel where she called 911 Emergency and claimed she had been raped.

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