Mike Tyson: Potentially the Greatest of All Time (part6)

Posted: April 23, 2015

Updated: April 23, 2015

Tyson life crashed and tried to rise again after spending three years in prison

“I came from Hell and every match I won was a step out of that world. Each victory would bring me closer to immortal glory.” Tyson’s study of boxing history prepared him for the ring, but little in his life would prepare him for outside the ring. Mike Tyson ended up falling to barrage of blows dealt to him by life which were well known to US gambling news.

Although people hadn’t seen anyone with such youth, power and aggressiveness, Tyson also brought something else. That is a life outside the ring that kept people on the pulse of every mishap, misstep and misjudgment Tyson took. Blinded by fame, Tyson failed to retain his title. In an attempt to comeback, Tyson made a serious error in judgment which landed him in prison on a rape convention.

Mike Tyson’s actions after his release from prison

• Tyson was in prison for 3 years on a rape conviction and converted to Islam
• Tyson’s first bout after his release was one of the largest fight purses.
• Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear off out of frustration from Holyfield’s head butts.

Well known to U.S gambling news and still remains one of the highest purses of all time was Tyson’s first post-fight bout against Peter McNeeley. Tyson would easily dispatch McNeeley and his next few opponents with ease. Tyson was able to secure one belt with his defeat of Frank Bruno for the WBC title. After gaining the WBA belt from Bruce Seldon, many fans saw a glimmer of hope for the “Tyson of old” to return.

Tyson would finally take on Evander Holyfield. Although Holyfield was in retirement, was convinced by the size of the purse to return to the ring. Although at 34, Holyfield was the considerable underdog. In the bout called “Finally” Holyfield surprised people and defied sportsbooks in the US with a TKO in the 11th round. Tyson credited the loss to the head butts Holyfield kept giving to Tyson which caused him to “black out.”

Upon learning about his staggering losses in money, Tyson found Don King and attacked him at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Although King gave him a small amount of money, their relationship had turned to mud. Tyson never said a positive thing about King every again. Despite the impressive list Tyson’s “antics”, few would predict the mayhem that would occur in his rematch with Evander Holyfield.

Tyson would take on Holyfield one last time

Tyson Holyfield ear-biting
Tyson and Holyfield’s “The Sound and The Fury” wasn’t terribly memorable until the end. Tyson experienced the same head butts from before, but became a lot more irritable. His fury peaked when he uncontrollably bit Holyfield’s ear causing it to bleed. In the next round, Tyson somehow stunned everyone by biting off part of Holyfield’s ear. Tyson’s action would once again enter the limelight.

Mike Tyson, not only lost the fight in humiliating fashion, but was suspended of his license once again by the boxing commission and slapped with a $3 million fine. Being barred from fighting in several states, Tyson made an appearance in Wrestlemania XIV. Serving 9 months in prison for assaulting two motorists after an accident, Tyson could stay out of legal trouble. His fees forced him to fight again.

In 1999, Tyson defeated Orlin Norris and won three more times the next year. Tyson would get a payday against Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis. The two met before in 1984 at D’Amato’s camp in the Catskills. In Memphis, Tennessee, the bout was dominated by Lewis and Tyson was knocked out in the 8th round. The bout would’ve been a safe one for most wagers working within the confines of US gambling laws.

Although Tyson received $17.5 million from the Lewis bout, Tyson still was in financial turmoil. Out of desperation, Tyson agreed to fight in a K-1, a mixed martial arts competition, but couldn’t obtain a visa into Japan due to his felony charges. Tyson lost a bout to Danny Williams after trying to box with a torn ligament in his knee. In his next bout with McBride, Tyson refused to re-enter the ring, lost and announced his retirement.

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