NASCAR Betting Tips for Beginners

NASCAR betting tips

“Drivers, start your engines!” The tension in the air is almost audible like the low snarl of 40 odd stock cars, trembling for the race to begin. Masses gather for the sport, however, of the many that bet few possess the know-how to draw a profit. These essential NASCAR betting tips will keep you ahead of the game and keep the money rolling in.

NASCAR reads “the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing,” almost ironic as the sole purpose for these ‘stock cars’ exists as a single word: speed. A Goddamn lot of it! A horde of adrenaline fueled drivers rip the circuits laps all in pursuit of glory.

How does NASCAR work?

NASCAR Betting Guide

To uphold the true NASCAR spirit the sport is best served cold with a bottle of bud. The races, however, are best won with points by position. The loser will earn a pitiful 1, the winner; as many points as there are cars.

What should I check before placing money on one of the cars?

It is something of religion amongst the NASCAR community to have definitive belief in a track, driver and car but don’t be blind in your faith. Online sportsbook sites’ NASCAR betting tips say that a quick research blitz will favor fortune and increase the chances of a profitable gamble.

How should I decide?

NASCAR Betting Guide

It’s a must to keep a close eye on the starting position of the divers (as determined by the qualifiers). There are some tracks, Bristol for instance, where a poor starting position will mean a physical inability to pass another car for the entire race. And of course, like any sport it is crucial to keep a track of the racers form and reputation.

What car should I back?

With their bulky build, a simple lick of paint could quite easily hide these beasts in city traffic to the untrained eye. In fact this is exactly the original intention of NASCAR reinforced by a 2013 change to the design regulations. When it comes to technicalities, Toyota are currently pushing the limitations of NASCAR restrictions manipulating physical laws of aerodynamics to their advantage, coupled with acute weight distribution. It is no accident that toyota boast 1000 more total laps lead that Chevrolet and Ford combined!

NASCAR betting tips for 2018

NASCAR Betting Guide

In this sport of fanatics it’s important to keep a cool head above the insanity and excitement that feeds NASCAR. Online Sportsbook News says the current favorite to win is Kyle Busch, the man racing ahead of that all important scoreboards. 1XBet Sportsbook has promising odds for this year’s all important NASCAR Cup.

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