National Council on Problem Gambling Believe in Group’s Success

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Despite being mocked for its World Cup advertisement, the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) believes it achieved considerable success.

Following the final of the World Cup on July 14th, the NCPG states that they have started receiving 105 phone calls per day related to mobile betting problems. The number represent twice the average the highest for a single day.

There was an increase of 20% in requests for counselling services during the month of June, as compared to a month before that. NCPG chairman Lim Hock San expressed his belief that the association has managed to achieve their objectives successfully, although being on the receiving end of a mockery.

“Despite the memes and jokes, we believe the audience understood our message. They are now aware of NCPG and who to call if they encounter issues related to problem gambling.”

Advertisement became a joke and success

Gambling news reports that the advertisement commissioned by NCPG features a little boy named Andy. He sadly informs his friends that his father took all his savings to bet on Germany.

However, after Germany thrashed Brazil a massive 7-1, the ad became somewhat of a joke for many fans worldwide. Managing director of Asia PR Werkz, Cho Pei Lin, “Although many laughed about it, the reality is that the ad created conversations about gambling, which would not have taken place otherwise.”

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