NHL Chief Sure Player Integrity Not Affected by Sports Betting


Posted: June 8, 2015

Updated: June 8, 2015

If betting in sports was going to be more popular in the US, Gary Bettman is positive this wouldn’t negatively affect players’ integrity, as stated in a recent interview on Sportsnet’s Brady and Walker Show .

In a call for both the Sports and Gambling sectors to maximise the gains in revenue that would be of potential benefit, a number of high-profile people, directly involved with varying sport governing bodies, have called for the betting market to be expanded. Gambling news reports the Commissioner of the North American Basketball League, Adam Silver, believes there would be massive financial gains to be had all round, and is a fervent supporter of this movement.

The normally reserved Bettman has also thrown his hat into the ring in favour of expanding the sports gaming market. He has gone on record that he is more than adamant that the players involved in all forms of sporting activities would not have their integrity compromised.

The only state where betting on sports is currently allowed, is Nevada

To further back up his argument, the commissioner openly stated that he is not concerned about the potential ramifications mobile betting would have in the future. He also stressed that all of the players in the National Hockey Leagues maintain the highest levels of professionalism. “I don’t worry about the integrity of the game. Our players are professionals.”

Bettman believes in the true values that all professional sportsmen and sportswomen possess. He commented, “Their integrity, their values are right on, so that’s not the issue from our standpoint.”

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