Oklahoma Tribes and Federal Authorities in Dispute

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Oklahoma tribes Cheyenne and Arpaho are recently experiencing legal difficulties due to disagreement with the federal official regarding an online gambling site offered to international players.

The case of these tribes is very controversial as online gambling is still not legal according to the US gambling laws. However, in April 2013 they received an authorization by the state republican governor Mary Fallin to operate an internationally aimed, real-money betting site. Yet, the tribes are still waiting for an approval from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

As part of the deal the tribes agreed to close the Pokertribes site (the initial site targeting local players), which was proclaimed illegal, in addition to paying Oklahoma 10% of the revenues generated from card games and up to 6% from online lottery, bingo, etc.

Oklahoma case may become a precedent

The tribes went further addressing Obama’s federal administration to ratify the agreement with Oklahoma, claiming that their online casino in the US, targeting foreign punters will bring millions to the small tribes and the state.

State authorities supported the initiative claiming that it may become a precedent for the future and confirmed that revenues, which will come will be beneficial for both sides.

The statistics show that tribal casinos in Oklahoma earned $3,5 billion revenue in 2011, and came second after California. Therefore, the state of Oklahoma collected $134 million as part of its revenue sharing agreements with the tribes that year.

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