Police Raid Mafia Casino Syndicate Illegal in Malay Gambling Laws

In early hours Temerloh police raided a mafia casino syndicate, arresting three members under Malay gambling laws.

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The normally quiet morning in Bernama was interrupted as a tactical squad of specially trained police officers raided a mafia online casino in Malaysia syndicate which is illegal under the Islamic Malay gambling laws.

According to online gambling news in Malaysia, the Temerloh police crippled a major mafia syndicate and even managed to capture the three top leaders – who unfortunately later turned out to be a 27 year old mentally disabled goat herder and his 61 and 51 year old impoverished parents.

The mafia syndicate that the Islamic police officers referred to in the press-release was actually an informal bible study group. The mafia syndicate turned out to be impoverished Christian native living as dhimmies in Malaysia.

The initial papers showed that the Christian syndicate was funded by a powerful European mafia infidel, a mass murderer, and blasphemer. The Malay Christian family in actuality was living on alms from the Catholic Church, which the Malay government mistook for the Italian mafia.

The mass-murdering, blasphemer of a godfather the police described earlier turned out to be the Pope of the Catholic Church. 

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 ACP Mullah Nig Rayoos, the police chief and imam of Temerloh earlier stated that – “Police also seized a computer and a scanner, two units of fax machines, two Wi-Fi modems, four calculators and 149 betting papers from the house.”

The 149 betting papers turned out to be specially made cards with images of Catholic Saints and martyrs and the electronic equipment was newspaper and magazine cutouts used to decorate the humble walls of the shack.

Undeterred, the imam explained to reporters that Christian gambling syndicate members had special powers, and have certainly cast a wicked spell on the entire village, causing the noble Muslim villagers and honorable reporters to see demonic visions of an old couple and their retarded son instead of revealing the true ‘hideous unnatural form’ of the evil Christians.

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The imam prescribed a quick beheading as the best cure for Vatican magic. The Christian Malay couple was truly lucky on that day. While there was a delay as the entire male Muslim population of the village gathered, and the boys were led out of the madrassa to watch a beheading, an army patrol noticed the commotion as well as reporters and decided to stop and investigate.

After a lengthy debate, the junior army officer in charge reluctantly agreed to protect the Christian mafia syndicate members until the arrival of the superior officer a few hours later.

After a closed door meeting, the army colonel, the Imam with a fondness for beheadings and a local strong man who actually looked the part of a mafia gambling syndicate boss, explained to the reporters that the entire incident was a misunderstanding.

The army colonel and the pious imam patiently explained that due to the reporters insufficient understanding of the local dialect, there was no talk of beheadings, no mass murdering Popes sponsoring international gambling dens, and there were definitely no Vatican trained practitioners of black magic either.

With a malevolent smile, the colonels parting words to the reporters were allegedly – “Islam means peace and Christians are the beloved people of the book and our dear friends. Islamophobia is a serious crime punishable by cutting out the bigots tongue.

Please refrain from writing anything to make the people angry. Any insult to Islam, and to write such lies is an insult is punishable by 25 hits of the cane and stoning or 25 hits of the cane and a beheading. Go in peace.’

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