Ryan Lochte Has a New Key to Freestyle Success

USA Olympic Swimming

Ryan Lochte may still be trailing Michael Phelps in terms of Olympic medals, but the American swimmer has now developed a technique to get ahead in the freestyle event.

When most people hear freestyle swimming, they think of two people. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. The two Americans have been at the forefront of Olympic swimming for years, and have continued their success in Brazil. As a team, they have both made US gambling news by winning gold in the 4×200 meter freestyle relay.

USA’s gold medal in the relay could be largely due to Ryan Lochte’s innovative new swimming technique that has consistently shaven down his time in the pool. Unlike the traditional swimmers that push off the wall on a turn and immediately turn to their stomachs, Lochte stays on his back and remains underneath the turbulence on the water surface.

Lochte’s coach, David Marsh, summed up the benefits of the new move by stating, “He doesn’t have to swim the other person’s race. He doesn’t have to deal with their splash, their turbulence. He can be under that.”

Ryan Lochte has been mocked in the past for his less-than-intelligent answers to a number of interview questions, even stating at one time that he often blanks out while speaking due to a jumping banana he sees in his head (you can’t make that up). Still though, Ryan’s swimming IQ is clearly high, and he has shown a remarkable ability to stay ahead of the competition with unorthodox skills.

Who is the Betting Favorite to Win Gold in the individual medley?

Despite his impressive new move, Ryan Lochte is still behind on the betting lines according to Sportsbet. Ahead of him is Japanese standout Kosuke Hagino, who won gold in the 400m medley. Hagino’s odds are currently at 3.75. The favorite to win gold is of course Michael Phelps, with odds of 1.40.

Phelps has continued to extend his record gold medals in Brazil, taking gold in three events already. Lochte’s odds currently sit at 5.50. It remains to be seen whether the move he created will be enough for him to win, but it is certainly an interesting aspect to an extremely competitive sport.

What do you think? Can Ryan Lochte pull off the upset win using his innovative new move? Will Phelps continue his reign of dominance? Leave your comments below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s list of online sportsbooks in the US to find a full list of the best websites for betting on the Olympics!

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