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  • Student League betting odds in Russia 2020
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Student League betting odds

Although the 2020/21 football season has already begun, some fans can’t get enough of various international matches. If you are among them, check Student League betting odds and bet on amateur youth teams to win or lose to each other.

Due to the pause in sports competitions, fans got hungry for football matches. Even the Champions League 2021 is not enough to satisfy their appetite. If ongoing leagues like EPL or La Liga can’t satisfy you as well, look for other tournaments to bet on. In particular, you can follow the Student League in Russia that is held among amateur youth teams. Let’s check what is going on there and who is the current favorite.

What is the Student Football League?

The National Student Football League is an unofficial championship that takes place in Russia. It was launched by The Russian Football Union in 2011 and has been held annually since then. According to online gambling sites in Russia, the main goal of the league is to promote student football and help gifted youth to become professional players.

Student League betting odds
Let’s play!

Competitions within the Student League take place every autumn. The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia funds them along with the Ministries of Sports and Football. You can follow updated news about Student League at VK and bet on the upcoming matches at 22Bet Sportsbook.

2020 Student League betting odds

In 2020, the National Student Football League matches are taking place in many cities of the country. As students from various universities uphold the honor of their team, the Ministry of Football decided to set the tournament in different places. As for now, the first semi-final of the league finished with the following results:

  • SPbSTU v PetrSU – 2:1
  • Udmurt State University v Lesgaft NSU – 3:3

Who will join the winners of the first semi-final in the next stage this October? Follow Student League betting odds at online sportsbooks in Russia and bet on your favorites. At 22Bet Sportsbook, you can watch all matches live.

You can discover more about 22Bet Sportsbook here.

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