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Soap Soccer League 2020

Soap Soccer League 2020 is one of the funniest sports competitions to follow this year. Created exclusively for betting purposes, its “matches” take place in a pool with beautiful girls as contestants. If you have never heard about soap football, it’s time to get familiar with it!

Tired of the same bets on sports at online gambling sites in Poland? Check Soap Soccer League 2020 betting odds! This exciting and brand new competition appeared just at the beginning of the year at sportsbooks – that’s why you have never heard about it. Let’s see what soap football is and how you can benefit from it.

What is soap soccer?

Soap soccer is the funniest kind of sport ever. As a form of entertainment, it emerged a long time ago, but online sportsbooks in Poland turned it into punters’ favorite only in 2020. Due to the cancelation of numerous sports events, bookmakers had to keep visitors on their sites – that’s why bets on Soap Soccer League 2020 appeared.

The soap soccer game itself is based on football, but only from the first glance. It is played in a so-called “pool” – a bouncy house filled with water and soap. Both of them make it harder for participants to remain standing, which adds more entertainment to the game. Soap soccer is usually played by two teams with four players in each. In most cases, players are ladies.

Soap Soccer League 2020
Let’s play!

To win the game, players kick the ball and try to score in the opponent’s goalposts. In this aspect, soap soccer reminds of the most common football game the most. However, there are no free or corner kicks, but players can take time outs – if they swallow soap, for example. There are two rounds in the game; each is 15 minutes long. The team that scores the most points wins.

Bet on Soap Soccer League 2020

As for us, soap soccer is quite an interesting competition to watch; especially, when internationals teams meet on the “field”. Last winter, the most exciting match took place between Russia and France. Ladies from the north have literally destroyed their rivals with an 8:5 score. Also, Sweden has outplayed Spain – 10:6, while Italy and Germany have had a tie. 

More games are coming this fall according to 22Bet Sportsbook, so follow the site to see when the next bets appear. You can also watch matches live at the sportsbook.

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