Supercars 2019 Winner Odds Reveal The Absolute Favorite Of The Championship

  • Scott McLaughlin has all chances to defend his Supercars champion title
  • Van Gisbergen and Coulthard can barely compete with the 2018 winner
Supercars 2019 Winner Odds Scott McLaughlin
Will McLaughlin laugh again at the end? Image source: Kytabu [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Scott McLaughlin leads the best Supercars 2019 winner odds as the reigning champion. The 26-year-old New Zealander has any rivals on this championship as to bookmakers. His closest contestants, which include Coulthard and Van Gisbergen, aren’t likely to be a serious threat.

The 2019 Supercars Championship is in its full flow. The participants have already hit roads in more than half of planned locations. The race tracks in South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria will define the winner with its end date on November 23-24.

Supercars 2019 winner odds indicate that McLaughlin will stay at the top

Scott McLaughlin will successfully defend his title of Supercars 2019 champion. The possible youngest racing winner ever leads the best odds of 1.10 at the best online sportsbook sites in Australia. McLaughlin’s chance to win the competition is six times higher than his closest rival, Coulthard.

The Kiwi racing driver is the most likable person on the bookmakers’ sites due to several reasons. Currently, McLaughlin has 433 points by the results of the previous rounds, which allow him to lead in the Supercars 2019. He has already received 13 victories this season, so there is no doubt that Scott will be the winner of the championship.

Coulthard can compete with McLaughlin at Supercars, Van Gisbergen is behind

Fabian Coulthard, 37, is the closest rival of McLaughlin at this year’s Supercars. With 7.00 odds on Bet365 Sportsbook, he is the second candidate for the winning. Despite the race driver has finished 19th on the latest round in Ipswich, he can still rehabilitate. During the previous Supercars’ championships, he has quite good results (3rd place in 2017 and 9th place in 2018).

Supercars 2019 Winner Odds Fabian Coulthard
He wouldn’t win like this. Image source: Cruiser-Aust [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons
Shane Van Gisbergen closes the top 3 according to the Supercars 2019 winner odds. A 30-year-old New Zealander was close to the champion’s title last year when he finished 2nd after McLaughlin. Despite his odds of 19.00, online sportsbook news in Australia believes that it will be Van Gisbergen to be McLaughlin’s main rival during the next six rounds.

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