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Sports Betting in Australia

Sports betting is fully legal throughout Australia, and is one of the county's most beloved forms of gambling. Numerous bet houses can be found across the country, and all events can be wagered upon, from football and rugby to horse and dog racing. The country’s 400 or so horse and dog racing tracks offer a great number of races to bet on and there are plenty of other sporting events as well.

Australia’s biggest bookmaker is TAB, a huge company that used to have a virtual monopoly over all Australian sports betting. They still have outlets set up all over the country, even in many pubs and clubs, but over the last few years several other companies have entered the market, including names like Bet365 and Betfair.

Online Sports Betting in Australia

Sports betting online in Australia is also fully legal unlike most other forms of internet betting in the country. This has lead to the creation of some really fantastic Australian Sportsbooks that accept players from many countries around the world. While these often focus on Australian matches, they also cover major events happening in Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere.

One small rule does exist that makes Australian Sportsbooks a bit more limited than sportsbooks found elsewhere – live betting, or placing bets on an event after it has begun, is not allowed. The Australian government feels this kind of "ball by ball" betting is highly addictive, and therefore it is restrictel,d. This applies only to internet betting, and not to physical venues or over the phone bets. Overall, online sportsbooks in Australia are some of the best there are out there.