Mobile Casinos in Australia - July 2024

Mobile Casinos in Australia

Since all online casinos are strictly prohibited to recruit Australian players, there are no domestic mobile casinos that could be used by local players. There are of course a large number of foreign operators and players are fully within their rights to use them. The precise extent of the country’s mobile penetration rate is difficult to judge, but there are at least 30 million subscriptions in this country of 21 million people. The country has network operators: Telstra (46% market share), Optus (32%) and Vodafone (22%). There is also a legion of virtual network operators using the infrastructure of these three companies. At the beginning of 2013 about 6 out of 10 Aussies owned a smartphone and most of them have been using them very intensively. Android and iOS don’t leave much room for other operating systems with their 58% and 36% share of the smartphones. With such a huge variety of MVNOs Australians have no problem finding the best mobile internet plans that allow them to play at foreign mobile casinos whenever they please.