Taiwanese Police Busts Online Betting Ring

Taiwanese Police arrested 9 members of an alleged illegal online betting ring

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According to Taiwanese gambling news reported in the China Post, the Taiwan police have again busted a ring of criminals active in illegal online gambling operations.

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) agents arrested several members of a gang who took illegal bet on sports in Taiwan. Reports mention the arrest of nine people and confiscation 11 computers that were used in the operation.

The Chinese living on Taiwan have a long history of affinity for betting. However, during most of the time betting involved some form of illegality. Maybe this is the reason Taiwanese are so often tempted to gamble illegally, and run illegal gambling operations.

Taiwanese gambling laws are clear about the ban on illegal gambling in any form, including illegal bookmaking or money bets on any sports. Taiwan has only legalized gambling during the past years and the regulations controlling Taiwanese gambling are still rigid. For example, land casinos many only be built offshore or only on certain islands.

According to the reports, the Investigation Bureau first discovered the online betting ring’s website in early May. A thorough investigation was launched involving computer and online gaming experts.

The detectives found at least 10 terminals across the Taiwan island on different frequented spots. These terminals served as gambling stations, allowing players to put bets on the site. The site was advertised mostly via word-of-mouth.

Needless to say, the site did not have any license, nor was it registered in any form. The criminal gang mostly took bets on sports popular in Taiwan, such as Chinese Professional Baseball League. They took wagers for matches in Non-Chinese sport leagues, such the Nippon Professional Baseball from Japan, and Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association from the United States.

The nine suspects could face serious time in prison if they are found guilty in the charges.

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