South Korean Man Arrested In Thailand For Human Trafficking

Thai Police arrested South Korean man for human trafficking and forced labor in online casinos

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A lot of stories seem to come from Asia these days involving illegal gambling activities, such as the following one from the Bangkok Post concerning Thai gambling news. According to the report, police authorities in Thailand have arrested and charged a man from South Korea with human trafficking.

A couple of weeks ago two young Koreans approached the police and claimed they were forced to work at online casinos in Thailand, operated by a South Korean man. The police soon found a South Korean man named Jun Tae-Hun. Further investigation revealed that he promised at least three young Korean men an opportunity to work as business accountants in Thailand.

Jun Tae-Hun was not short on mentioning opportunities. He offered the young Koreans fast and promising careers in accounting for major firms in Thailand. The South Korean “businessman” assured his fellow countrymen that his businesses were totally legit and only involved accountant work.

With a promise of a new start of in Thailand, the youngsters accepted the offer. As soon as they arrived to Bangkok, Jun Tae-Hun allegedly confiscated their passports and forced the men to work in his internet gambling operations. The young Koreans’ work mostly included bet possessing, a form of accounting, Jun later claimed.

After several weeks of alleged forced labor, two Koreans managed to escape and contacted the police. The whereabouts of the third Korean, who is also said to have escaped, remain unknown to date.

Thai police raided Jun’s operation and confiscated his serves. During the operation, Thai tax authorities discovered several bank account passbooks connected to Jun, in the value at least a hundred thousand dollars.

The gambling authorities now examine if Jun’s Thai online gambling site were run fully according to the Thai gambling laws. Jun has denied kidnapping and forcing his fellow countrymen to work against their will. If the court convicts Jun of human trafficking, he could face up to 10 years in jail.

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