Taking a Break from Crimea, Putin Fattens Online Casino Blacklist

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The Russian government has added more than 50 casino sites to its blacklist of more than 1,500 banned websites.

Russia has been over the all over every news outlet on earth since the Ukraine crisis began last November; this time it has made the gambling news. The government recently added more than 50 names to its list of blocked gambling websites, including big names like PokerStars, Party Poker, William Hill and Ladbrokes. According to the Supreme Court, websites involved with “the dissemination of information related to the implementation of activities of gambling” are also banned, including affiliate sites like GamingZion.

Sure, it isn’t the harshest thing Russia has done lately but it isn’t popular with gamblers or champions of individual freedom. Russia has a blanket ban on online gambling, and now will demand that internet providers block the use of blacklisted sites.

Burden is placed on the internet providers

Internet providers will be issued an ultimatum: block the websites, or face having their licenses revoked. However, last year a court in the city of Pskov ruled that while it is illegal to operate or access an online casino in Russia, there are no laws in place to punish internet providers who don’t block access. However, the Supreme Court overruled, and providers will have no choice but to comply.

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