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Posted: May 11, 2023

Updated: May 11, 2023

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We dedicated this news to the Osaka Resort details. This will be the first casino in Japan. This is an article update on our previous reports about the news. Some people find this decision controversial, considering that the Japanese government has already managed to give a controversial take on the Pachinko. However, this time we have a fully legal, fresh, and international casino. Which is going to give a better atmosphere to Japan. However, not everyone agrees.

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In this article, I am going to talk about the first casino in Japan. We already talked about it, but this is a small update to see the reception to the news a few months later. Make sure to check out one of the best online casino sites in Japan if you don’t want to wait until 2029. In conclusion, I am going to update you on the news about the Osaka Casino Resort. Because this is the first time we are going to see an American casino company moving into Japan.

Is this going to open the gates to international marketing? Maybe 2029 will be the year when Japan will start its little casino square. While it is controversial, many people are looking forward to it. There are already arguments that the government has allowed gambling before. But then what is different? I will explain this to you now.

First Casino In Japan

If you want to read the original announcement, then please check out our article about it. However, this is an update that seeks to add the opinion of internet users and of course the reception a few months later. Because no, Japan did not decide to cancel the project at all. They have already started to give shares to large American companies. They aren’t going to be able to establish themselves nationally. However, they are dangerously close to the magical 50%.

This means that there are already lesser portions that keep these companies in check. In conclusion, this casino is going to be an international coalition. But why is this important? Because in the history of Japan, everything was extremely government-run. This opened possibilities for yakuza activities. But now, we have prestigious American companies pitching into the story. For online play, register at 1xBet Casino.

Opening Date And Information

According to Reuters, the $8.1 billion Osaka Resort has a plan to open in 2029. This means we still have roughly 6 years before the resort could open. But it is going to be one of the biggest game-changers. Because it will be the first casino in Japan. It is expected to feature a massive casino and a luxury hotel. Once completed, it will undoubtedly become a top tourist destination in Japan and a major player in the global casino industry.

MGM Resorts International (MGM.N) and local partner Orix Corp (8591.T) hold a 40% stake. 20 Other companies are holding the rest of the 20% while the leftovers are in the hands of the Japanese government. The companies involve many local and even governmental sub-bodies such as a national bank. 

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Why Is It Controversial?

According to the BBC, public opinion is worried about the increase in crime rates as a result of the casino. However, this is a common fear coming from an industry that has never seen well-organized casinos in Las Vegas. The shadow of the past will always be present. At the same time, the worries are valid. Many people grew up with the yakuza influence, hearing about the mafia leaders of Las Vegas casinos.

In conclusion, the controversy comes from the fact that the approval was born out of a very slight advantage compared to the opposition. It was clear that at least 40% of the Japanese population believes that the resort is a bad idea. The first casino in Japan is already approved. Therefore, those who did not vote are 14%. This is the best example of why people should always vote, even if they believe they make no difference. Nonetheless, I believe it is a good thing.

Pachinko Debate – First Casino In Japan

According to Reddit, one of the most common issues with this casino is the fact that they are going to resemble the Pachinko. The Pachinkos are these Japanese houses where you enter and see a lot of machines. These machines are not considered slot machines by the Japanese government. But why not? The main reason is the fact that they are a part of Japanese culture. This means that the conservative government would contradict itself if it didn’t allow for these games.

Furthermore, the main selling point is that these machines make you earn points instead of real cash. These points you can later exchange for real cash. Therefore, these are just slot machines with extra steps. But while the government uses this as a reason, in the meantime the USA uses this as an exploit. Therefore, it is just a way to make state-run gambling.

Why Is It Good?

Now that we have debated why it is controversial, and how it might not even be the first casino in Japan. Let me give you another perspective. Because I have written another article about the gambling history of Japan. The culture, the language, the art, and the food are amazing. However, in this traditional culture, we have seen ups and downs.

There was a time when Japan dominated the economy. And then it all suddenly crashed, and the crash is still happening. The Osaka Resort is a great way to make tourists spend money that will contribute to the government treasury. Furthermore, these are also regulated and overseen by big American companies. This means that the Yakuza and similar organizations have no chance of becoming a part of the story.

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Who Owns The First Casino In Japan?

I already explained this but I want to highlight that the market is going to do wonders for Japan. Some of the locals are going to play at the casino too. But generally, the idea is that this is going to open the market between Japan and America. As always, MGM seeks to establish itself in the industry. But I believe that such connections are going to affect the political atmosphere extremely positively. Furthermore, MGM owns roughly 40% with a local partnership.

Therefore, the Government gave 1% shares for 20 casinos. This leaves us with another 40% which is probably the government and their affiliated partners such as the bank. This way, I am sure that the chairholders will establish a healthy and gambling-aware environment for the Osaka Casino Resort. In the same way, the shares of the best sports teams in Japan are handled just well.

Where To Play Online Instead

Now that we have discussed all the updates about the first casino in Japan. In conclusion, I have to highlight that the Osaka Resort will open in 2029. We have a lot of time, and I am sure that other companies will try to partner with locals. Therefore, we will have many share distributions. It might become even more ethical, or extremely chaotic.

But ultimately, the shares do not affect the citizens. Because every tourist playing in the casino is going to turn in their tax return. Therefore, it will contribute to the betterment of the country. If you are looking for gambling from Japan until it opens. I recommend you register at 1xBet Casino.

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