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Posted: May 11, 2023

Updated: May 11, 2023

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In this article, I am going to collect the top 7 best Vegas shows for you to enjoy. If you are going to Las Vegas then keep an eye out for these. Because you may or may not miss them if you are not looking for them. Most of them are hidden among the towering casinos. Because those who walk these buildings with an open mind will find themselves in a 1.5 meters deep pool of beautiful people performing. Or maybe, they will open to a room where you can see a magician pulling out a group of bunnies playing poker from a hat.

In this article I am going to collect the best Vegas shows to find in 2023. Therefore, if you are planning a summer trip to Las Vegas then I highly recommend you check out these shows. However, if you are not going to Las Vegas anytime soon. Then don’t worry. You will be able to check videos about the show and play at online casino sites in the US. Make sure to not miss out on all of these events if you are fortunate enough to witness them. The tickets are not even that expensive.

They are perfectly worth the price and you will get a unique experience that will be extremely memorable for you. In conclusion, these are the top 7 shows to visit when you are staying in Vegas. We are going to give you a brief description of each so you can see which form of entertainment fits you.

7. Cirque Du Soleil’s “O”

According to CNTraveler, Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” is a musical experience in an acrobatic fashion. The “O” is a one-of-a-kind aquatic-themed show that takes place in the Bellagio Hotel. Therefore, the show features world-class acrobats, divers, and synchronized swimmers who perform breathtaking feats of challenges.

All of this is enhanced by the mesmerizing visuals that are a signature skill of all Las Vegas entertainment places. The 1.5 million gallons of water make it one of the best Vegas shows.

The show combines the artistic values of the circus and the graceful visuals of synchronized swimming. The water is the canvas on which these artists paint with their bodies. It is one of the most sought-after shows in Las Vegas. If you don’t enjoy swimming, I am sure that you at least enjoy surfing the Internet. And if you are looking for a replacement then register at Bovada.

6. Le Reve Las Vegas – Best Vegas Shows

Competing for the same place, you have Le Reve Las Vegas. According to Vegas, the Le Reve seeks to establish a different tone, but in the water as well. No wonder why water is a popular theme for Vegas acrobats. Because the heat makes the water environment feel refreshing instead of challenging.

However, the Cirque Du Soleil is more of a visual experience with beauty and grace. On the other hand, Le Reve seeks to mix the aesthetics of water, dreams, and of course human desires. It shows attraction, emotions, and of course, these floating in the water. I recommend this show to those who want to see beautiful people making beautiful performances.

5. Blue Man Group

Let me talk about the Blue Man Group as one of the best Vegas shows that will shock and surprise you. First, we should count the amazing things Las Vegas has to offer. One of the best visual experiences, with great food, great casinos, beautiful people, car rides, helicopter rides, and water shows. And of course, aliens. Yes, the Blue Man Group establishes a strange, almost psychedelic experience where three men dress up as blue men.

They are performing music on the stage using extravagant instruments such as gigantic drums or techno-like synths. At the same time, they bring a comical refreshment to give you a break from laughter between the intense neon light-covered experience. The music is not typical. It is composed in a way to make it otherworldly, yet refreshing for the mind. I suggest everyone visit the Blue Man Group at least once.

4. Absinthe – Best Vegas Shows

The Absinthe is one of the best types of shows to seek out while staying in Las Vegas. Therefore, this is a show that makes you want to know how to get to Vegas casinos with public transportation. Because this is an abstract experience where you enter and can see the state-of-the-art acrobatic performance. This is paired with the aesthetics of the modern circus. This is why it is established in Caesar’s Palace.

Which means that you can party and have some fun. A few meters next to you, acrobats are going to perform life-threatening stunts and you don’t even have to look at it. The Absinthe is a natural experience that brings you to a world of fantasy. Of course, it stays true to the Las Vegas values. This means that partying is not alien to the show.

3. Michael Jackson One

I am sure you have heard about this before. Unfortunately, the King of Pop died. However, we can still witness him on the stage. The Michael Jackson One, which is often pronounced Michael Jacks-One. Is a hologram show that seeks to re-establish the visual and audio experience people felt during the MJ concerts. Is this ethical? Well, it’s questionable. Those who seek to preserve the old shows for those who are not with us anymore, no, it isn’t. But for those progressive thinkers who don’t want to bind art to time, this is THE performance.

Who wouldn’t want to witness Michael Jackson’s energy on the stage? The show has much more to offer than Michael Jackson. It is filled with neon lights and many artistic expressions to make the whole performance even more modern and more Vegas. According to Tripadvisor, the show lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

2. Witches & Warlock Shows At Las Vegas

Witches and Warlock show at Las Vegas? Sounds scary doesn’t it? Well, this show is less about Dungeons & Dragons, and more about the amazing visuals we can use to elevate the performance of great actors. Therefore, the Witches are smaller shows where you can witness magicians. However, this comes with the funny and often slightly frightening aesthetics of witches and warlocks.

It combines typical magic tricks with the elements of demonology and ghosts. If you are not one for Halloween, then I highly recommend you check out how to celebrate Christmas in Vegas. Because in my other article, I talk about different realms where you can travel by stepping into the Bellagio during Christmas.

1. The Mentalist – Best Vegas Shows

Finally, one of the shows that make every difference. My personal favorite is The Mentalist. This show is generally about hypnosis and mind control. These tricks are the favorite of all superstitious Psychology major students. You can sit in the front seat and even have a chance to be called in for an experiment. What tools the Mentalist uses is unknown.

However, I must reassure you that it is all part of the show. It would be amazing to hear The Mentalist show how to hack a slot machine. But who knows? Not understanding the trick is part of the magic. In conclusion, The Mentalist brings us to an experience where we can see real-time mind control and hypnosis on the stage. If you are not in for this, then just register at Bovada. They will never manipulate you.

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