These are the Three Best Novelty Bets to Make This October

Best novelty bets to make in October

Paddy Power Sportsbook is known for offering some of the most off-the-wall wagers in the world. Here we’ll take a look at a few of the best novelty bets to make this October.

Novelty betting continues to grow in popularity every single month, and there are a number of great new novelty wagers now available with Paddy Power. Let’s take a look at a few of the best ones that you can bet on right now.

RyanAir Betting Special

RyanAir has been making headlines as of late after canceling a large number of lights due to a lack of pilots. It created a massive PR disaster for the company as many people’s flights were canceled without prior warning or compensation.

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Michael O’ Leary is the current CEO of RyanAir, and is being heavily criticized for the cancellations. Whether or not this is fair is redundant. Now, one of the best online sportsbooks in Ireland is offering betting odds for how long O’ Leary will remain at the head of this popular budget airline.

At the moment, the odds that he either quits or is fired sometime after 2020 are the highest at 1/5. Think 2017 is his last year as CEO? The odds of this happening are currently set at 6/1.

X Factor betting

X Factor is one of the most popular shows in Europe, and one of the best novelty bets to make in October this year is on which contestant wins the 2017 season. Only four episodes of the show have aired thus far, yet some great odds are available on who emerges victorious.

At the moment, Grace Davies is at the top of the betting odds. Her first audition has now been streamed millions of times throughout the world. Davies is just 20 years of age but appears to have the talent to go far in the competition. Paddy Power Sportsbook lists her odds to win at 5/2.

Duo Sean and Conor Price are second on the 2017 X Factor betting odds. The Irish brothers performed Jimmy Hendrix’s song All Along the Watchtower and received high praise from the judges. They now appear to be on the way to make into the finals. Their odds are set at 5/1.

Bet on Conor McGregor’s next opponent

UFC lightweight champion and MMA’s biggest star Conor McGregor has been out of the spotlight since his massive boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, and it’s anyone’s guess who he’ll be taking on in his return to the Octagon.

Now, Paddy Power is offering one of the best novelty bets to make in October on who McGregor will face in his MMA return. There are a number of possibilities here and based on Conor’s past, anything is possible.

At the moment, Nate Diaz is the massive favorite to make Irish gambling news
by gettting the next McGregor fight. Nate and Conor have been involved in one of the most heated rivalries in MMA with both fighters earning a win against each other. The odds that McGregor vs. Diaz 3 comes next are set at 1/10. Think he takes on Khabib Nurmagomedov next/? The odds here are set at 16/1.

To find more of the best novelty bets you can make in October, make sure to head to Paddy Power Sportsbook. Here you’ll find a complete list of odds for every kind of novelty bet imaginable!

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