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Top 7 Female Darts Players

In this article, we are going to collect the top 7 female darts players. Because darts is both a competitive sport and an entertaining pub game. Therefore, almost everyone loves this game. And let’s be honest, if you dislike darts, probably you just have bad aim. The diverse culture of competitive darts hosts all sorts of leagues. For example, you have the World Seniors Darts Championship for elderly darts champions. However, you can watch men’s or women’s leagues too.

Furthermore, it is not rare to see celebrities, comedians, or even kids playing the sport on live television. What makes this even more amazing is that you can bet on every single darts tournament. All you have to do is to register at one of the online gambling sites in the UK.

1. Lisa Ashton – Top 7 Female Darts Players

The first place on the list of top 7 female darts players deserves to be in the first place. Because this is not a sport of simple luck. Therefore, it requires dedication, practice, and of course talent. Furthermore, you can read more about the sports psychology of darts to learn more about the secrets behind success. However, Lisa Ashton is an outstanding female among the pantheon of darts champions. 

Because she is a four times World Darts Champion. Therefore, she has been playing against every single woman on this list. Furthermore, her four World Championship titles are unmatched in the history of women’s darts. However, there is one person on this list who seems to always beat her. Because she is yet to defeat Mikuru Suzuki in any championship.

2. Beau Greaves – The Youngest

According to Sky Sports, the youngest Senior Champion is Beau Greaves. This is why she is slightly above on the list of top 7 female darts players Mikuru Suzuki. Because her young career endorses her placement on the list. Therefore, she did not have the years to practice while her competitors have. 

This is why she is one of the best players of all time. Because she stands the challenge to world champions even if they had their whole life of practicing the game. Greaves is the winner of the 2022 World Darts Championship. Therefore, she won two years after the beginning of her career, defeating Kristy Hutchinson. While her name is not on the list, she deserves a special shoutout for her similar talents as Greaves.

3. Mikuru Suzuki – Top 7 Female Darts Players

We could write hundreds of articles about why Mikuru Suzuki is an outstanding person on the list of top 7 female darts players. Because she has brought much more than just a World Darts Champion to the scene. According to the Mirror, she won the latest BDO championship shortly before the Lakeside return. Today, Suzuki is a darts phenomenon, and companies are selling darts kits colored and designed with Suzuki’s significant icons and colors.

She loves Japanese culture, and you can see her fans showing up in kimonos to cheer for her success during tournaments. Her presence has brought a youthful energy to both fans and darts players on the television screen. And let’s be honest, Suzuki is just extremely talented and experienced in the competitive darts game. You can bet on her every day at  NetBet Sportsbook.

4. Fallon Sherrock – The Queen of the Palace

People love to debate the question: Is darts a sport? And this is why Fallon Sherrock is on the list of the top 7 female darts players. Because she has earned herself the title: Queen of the Palace. Because despite her kidney issues, she is still participating in every single international darts tournament. Furthermore, she makes the community lively. Therefore, she is one of those people who have dedicated their lives to darts.

Her current relationship with Cameron Menzies shows that even in her private life, she prefers to play darts. Therefore, her career reaches back to 2012. Darts is a sport that supports her teetotalism and her success in this competitive sport is massive. Therefore, everyone in the community should appreciate her devotion to the sport. She is the winner of the 2022 Women’s World Matchplay.

5. Anastasia Dorbromyslova – The Most Dedicated

If we stay honest with ourselves, Anastasia Dorbromyslova deserves a much higher place on the list of Top 7 female darts players. Especially for her records and achievements of several World Darts Championship titles. Because if you check the records of everyone on this list. Then you will be surprised to see that most of them won or lost to Anastasia Dobromyslova. However, the reason why she is only the fifth ranking is that she has not won any tournaments recently. 

According to IMDb, she has participated in a show which mixed darts players and comedians. Therefore, Anastasia is an important part of not only the women’s league but the general competitive darts scene. Because she is one of the biggest building bricks of this industry. Without her, darts would be less. 

6. Maria O’Brien – Will She Win Next?

No, this is not Maria O’Brien. Because she shares a name with one of the most iconic English actresses of all time. However, Maria O’Brien deserves her fame among the competitive tournament players. Her career began in 2018, and unfortunately, she has never won any tournaments.

Therefore, she is not a darts champion. However, to return to all of the competitions after losing in the last round takes dedication. This is why Maria O’Brien is one of the most important women on the list of top 7 female darts players. Her latest match was her loss in the Quarterfinals at the World Championship. However, she will return next year. You can bet on her by registering at NetBet Sportsbook.

7. Deta Hedman – Top 7 Female Darts Players

Deta Hedman is one of the players who play in the World Darts Federation. Her career ranges from reaching the BBC’s 100 Women awards to several PDC, BDO, and WSDT championship titles. Her nickname is the Black Pepper, and no wonder why she was using “Hot Hot Hot” as her walk-on music.

Because if we have to make an analogy about the top 7 female darts players. Then she is like black pepper in cooking, it just makes everything better. This is why Deta is awesome. Furthermore, her whole family consists of great people, such as A.I. computer scientists, runners, and football players.

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