Tricks For Predicting Roulette Numbers: Guess And Win


Posted: May 22, 2020

Updated: May 22, 2020

  • All gamblers want to guess the winning number while playing roulette.
  • In our article, we have listed the best tricks for predicting roulette numbers.

All gamblers, both beginners and professionals, want to guess the winning number while playing roulette. But is it even possible? Not so long ago, a special system was created that allows you to increase your advantage in the game to eighteen percent. The authors of this mathematical work were scientists from Cornell University. After a thorough analysis of European roulette, they offered an effective gaming system. In our article, we have listed the most useful tricks for predicting roulette numbers based on previous research. 

Tricks for predicting roulette numbers:

1. Watch the movement

The analysis of the ball and wheel movement can help you a lot if you are gambling in a land-based casino. Indeed, numerous factors can act on it. This is a laborious process that requires concentration and attention when calculating the trajectory of the movement of elements. It is important to remember how roulette was turned before the start of the game. In particular, pay your attention to the sector. Using this method, you can increase the probability of winning several times. However, bear in mind that it does not give a 100% guarantee. Besides, this method is inefficient in online casinos in the USA.

2. Predict roulette numbers while betting

According to professional gamblers, it is necessary to place bets in sequential order on one sector. Thus, players who have won large sums claimed that this was due to perseverance. They constantly bet on one number. Although this method has its risks you can use it in both offline and online gambling establishments. And to find out about some other keys to success read about How To Win At Online Roulette: Game Strategies.

Tricks For Predicting Roulette Numbers
These easy tricks really help!

3. Drawbacks can become your advantages

Playing in a land-based casino you need to find a roulette wheel in which there are some visible defects. It is worth noting that in gambling establishments the wheels can become crooked over time. In this case, you can see that the loss of some numbers occurs noticeably more often than others. Whereas in a virtual game, a similar pattern can be traced due to errors in the operation of the system responsible for generating random numbers. To see this pattern, it is better to carefully monitor the game for a certain period. Afterward, you can bet on the numbers that most often fell out.

4. Series of roulette numbers

While playing the game of roulette do not bet on one number but a whole series. According to professional players, this increases the chance of winning. Indeed, there are more chances that the ball will fall within the same series than one number.

5. Stick to the system

Finally, you should select one game system and stick to it. If you apply several tactics at the same time, then the probability of losing increases significantly. It is recommended to choose the system that has been most tested. Remember not to leave it during the gameplay. For example, you can bet exclusively on odd numbers or red. Besides, you can use the Hook method or the system that Thomas Donald developed. 

All of the above tricks for predicting roulette numbers have been tested by numerous experienced gamblers who know the intricacies of this game. Choosing the most suitable option among them, you will no longer face the problem of how to guess the number. Now it’s high time to apply the gained knowledge into practice. Intertops is one of the most reliable online gambling platforms. Use our tricks, try your luck and win! 

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