Your Best Best on Danish Politics in 2019

  • Margrethe Vestager is supported by Macron to become the Commission President
  • Social Democratic leader Mette Frederiksen will likely take back the government
  • Around 26 percent of Danes would vote for Social Democrats in next election
Bet on Danish Politics in 2019

Bookmakers offer four interesting bets on Danish politics in 2019. Three of them deserve to be on your betting list for sure. First, Margrethe Vestager to be the new Commission President. Also, Mette Frederiksen to become the new Danish PM, and her Social Democratic party to remain the largest party in the parliament.

Margrethe Vestager checks many boxes for the ideal candidate in both Paris and Berlin for the next European Commission President in May. The Social Democrats – the traditional prime ministerial party – support stricter immigration laws. That agenda might help them retain the most seats. If so, their leader Mette Frederiksen would become the new Danish Prime Minister before June.

Macron Backs Vestager to become the Commission President

Bet on Margrethe Vestager
Vestager currently serves as the European commissioner for competition

The European Parliament will have its election in May. Online sportsbook news in Denmark confirmed that the current president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junker will not seek a second mandate. Several top candidates aim to win the job. Among them is Margrethe Vestager, dubbed ‘the powerful woman in the EU.’

Vestager is one of the favourites with 5 odds at 22Bet Sportsbook. She is backed by French President, Emmanuel Macron. Vestager belongs to the Liberal ALDE, which has recently united with Macron’s En Marche. The alliance might leapfrog the Socialists to become the second largest group in the European Parliament.

Bookmakers suggest that Helle Thorning-Schmidt (6), the former Danish Prime Minister, will contest the presidency against Vestager. However, Ms Thorning-Schmidt failed to win EPP’s nomination to Manfred Weber. Therefore, it is better to select Vestager to win the position over Ms Thorning-Schmidt when betting on Danish politics.

Frederiksen to take Back the Government

Bet on Mette Frederiksen
Mette Frederiksen

The current government consists of two smaller parties the Conservative and Liberal Alliance. They are supported by Dansk Folkeparti, in order to get the required 90 mandates for their majority. The government is under the leadership of Lars Lokke Rasmussen. He is serving in his last year. Lars is seen as a man of the people, but many criticize him for being a weak administrator. His government survived a range of crises, but he is unlikely to survive another term.

The upcoming election must take place before 17 June 2019. Online betting sites in Denmark suggest the Social Democrats to take back the government under the leadership of Mette Frederiksen. Social Democrats have been the traditional provider of the prime ministers. Therefore, it is safe to bet on Mette Frederiksen to win the Premiership with 1.665 at 22Bet Sportsbook.

26% of Danes to vote for Social Democrats

Although Social Democrats are the opposition, they remain the largest party in the Parliament. The recent poll conducted in last August, shows that they are at a similar level to the 2015 general election. Around 26 percent of Danes would vote for the Social Democrats. Domestic politics will probably not change, so you can pick the Social Democrats (1.12) to retain most seats. Just check our review about 22Bet Sportsbook.

62% of Danes Reject EU Referendum

European Parliament

At 22Bet Sportsbook the odds are 26 for Denmark to hold EU referendum. Yet we think you should skip this one when betting on Danish politics. Nowadays, two out of three people in Denmark reject the idea of EU referendum, according to The Local. 62 percent of Danes do not want a referendum, while only 26 percent support such a vote.

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