Where to Bet on Confederations Cup 2017 in Germany?


Posted: June 19, 2017

Updated: October 4, 2017

The first match day of the tournament is about to end later on today, but that’s exactly why we should check out the best sites to bet on Confederations Cup 2017 in Germany!

Online betting news in Germany are on fire because this year’s most important international football tournament has kicked off a few days ago. The first match day is about to end later on tonight and out job is to take a look at what happened at Confederations Cup 2017 so far and what we should expect from the following games at the tournament. So let’s see!

Russia opened Confederations Cup 2017

Those who decided to place a bet on Confederations Cup 201 in Germany, had the first chance to do so on Saturday evening. That was the opening game when the hosting nation, Russia, faced New Zealand. The Russians were clear favourites for the game, and they didn’t disappoint their fans: Russia defeated New Zealand easily by 2-0.

The next day brought us a Latin derby when Portugal was facing Mexico. The Euro 2016 winners took the lead twice but the Central Americans equalized on both occasions. Quaresma, Chicharito, Cedric and Moreno scored the goals respectively. Thanks to this result, Russia is leading the group with 3 points and the two Latins follow them with 1-1 point.


Germany to rock Group B?

In the other group, it is Germany, Chile, Cameroon and Australia competing for becoming Confederations Cup 2017 winners. Online sportsbooks in Germany expect the German side to win the group, however, it won’t be easy for them: Chile will be a serious contender for the prestigious title, as they also fought bravely against Messi’s Argentina in Copa América, and came on victorious.

Chile proved their huge ambition already in the first round: they were playing against Cameroon and they showed no mercy. It seemed like Cameroon might be able to take a point with lots of luck, but Chile were much better all along. However, they finally managerd to turn their supremacy into an advantage in the 81st minute, and they scored another one 10 minutes later. Chile won 0-2.

Those who want to bet on Confederations Cup 2017 in Germany and believe in Joachim Löw’s team, shall remain optimistic, however. Germany are facing Australia today and online sportsbooks obviously expect Germany to win. As of this moment, it’s half time and they are leading 1-2. Tomorrow is a day of rest, the competition continues on 21st with a Russia v Portugal and a Mexico v New Zealand derby.

Where should I Bet on Confederations Cup 2017 in Germany?

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