Who Will Play Larry King in Biopic – Tips and Odds

  • Larry King lived an extraordinary life worth elaborating
  • It is rumored that Hollywood is about to make a movie on his story
  • ut who will play Larry King in biopic?
Who Will Play Larry King in Biopic
Image source: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The beloved CNN host, Larry King’s death on 23rd January this year shook everyone – including his audience and his colleagues. As for now, it is rumored that Hollywood has already started planning to honor his life with a biographic movie. And now, the question many ask is this: who will play Larry King in the upcoming biopic? Here are all the possibilities and odds that you can bet on.

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Larry King was – with no question – one of the greatest and most famous television and radio hosts America, and the world has ever seen. His two Peabody awards, his Emmy, and his ten Cable ACE Awards can back this up. And so can his widespread popularity amongst the audience. It is for sure that this loss left many mourning for a long time. But there is one thing to do to keep his spirit alive: make a biographic movie about his extraordinary life. We hope that Hollywood will soon start the project and until then we can be guessing – and betting on – many things in connection with the movie. But the most interesting one is: who will play Larry King in the biopic? There are many options and many online sportsbook sites in the US to consider.

A life worth elaborating

Larry King was born in 1933 in New York City. He had an active career for over 60 years, during which he hosted more than 50.000 interviews. He was a WMBM radio interviewer in Miami but he gained fame in 1978 with The Larry King Show. It was an all-night, call-in radio show broadcasted nationwide. Between 1985 and 2010 he hosted the Larry King Live on CNN with which he put himself on the record of American television. He was also the host of Larry King Now between 2012 and 2020. His weekly political talk show, Politicking with Larry King was also a big hit. He appeared in films and TV series as well. His personal life was also something particular: from 1952 ‘til 2019 he was married to seven women, eight times – he married Alene Akins two times. He also has 5 children.

Who Will Play Larry King in Biopic
Ohh, Larry… Image source: Flickr

Who will play Larry King in a biopic?

To play this amazing man’s life, Hollywood will need to find the perfect actor. Somebody who can pull of King’s iconic suspenders, his glasses, and his genuine tough, but fair manners. He was not ”just” a TV host. He also cracked major news stories, kept track of the American pop culture and political scene, and mentored emerging broadcasters alongside other TV and radio hosts. So, it seems like the void left behind his passing is unfillable. Yet, we are sure Hollywood will try its best to do it. There are already some odds on online gambling sites in the US and sure there will be more in the future. Check out sites like Intertops, if you do not want to miss out on an exciting gambling opportunity!

Names and odds on who will play Larry King in a biopic

According to gamblingsites.org, there are already some names with odds. One of the frontrunners is Gary Oldman (+180), whose act as Winston Churchill in the movie Darkest Hour was more than memorable. The other preferred choice is Steve Buscemi with the same odds. He is the one who probably resembles most to the late Larry King. Some also speculated former Batman, Christian Bale with odds +500. The legendary Grease star, John Travolta stands the same odds as Bale. The multi-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks with odds +850 is less likely to bring you a win. The same thing is true to Jack Nicholson with odds +1000. So you can keep on speculating or go with these odds and then place your bets on Intertops.

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