Will Assange Leave the Embassy Soon? Place Your Bet!

Assange in embassy

Now more than ever people around the world are asking the question, will Assange leave the embassy soon? Let’s take a look at the betting odds set by Paddy Power.

Since August 18th 2012, Julian Assange has been forced to live his life inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. The former hacker and creator of WikiLeaks is one of the most controversial people in the world, though recent events have opened up the possibility for him to finally leave his makeshift prison.

On May 19th, it was reported that Sweden had officially dropped their rape investigation surrounding Assange. Had he left the Ecuadorian embassy it’s likely he would eventually be extradited to Sweden. So will Assange leave the embassy soon now that this investigation is dropped?

The likely answer is no. Although the Swedes are no longer after him, the British authorities still have a warrant out for his arrest. If detained here, it’s possible he could be extradited to the US where he faces a number of major convictions that could land him a life sentence.

What are the odds Assange leaves the embassy in 2017?

At the moment, Paddy Power lists the odds for Assange to leave the embassy in the second quarter of 2017 the highest at 11/10. From there his odds significantly decrease. The odds he leaves in 2018, or on May 19th 2017 are set at 5/1.

Could we see Julian Assange stuck in the embassy until 2020 or later? It’s certainly possible. The odds he manages to get out by this time are set at 12/1.

Will Assange leave the embassy soon? No one really knows. He certainly has a better shot now, but as we’ve seen in the past, when the US government is after you it’s never a good thing. Make sure to check out Paddy Power for a full list of the Julian Assange betting odds, and check out GamingZion’s UK gambling news page to stay up to date on novelty bets in 2017!

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