Will New FIFA Vice President Bring Champions League Final to Hungary?

Csanyi Sandor FIFA Vice President

The reigning President of the Hungarian Football Association (A.K.A.: MLSZ) officially became the new FIFA Vice President today!

Online sportsbook news sites in Hungary are reporting rather proudly about the new FIFA Vice President. Delegating the new FIFA Vice President is quite a huge success for a tiny country like Hungary, especially regarding the fact that they haven/t really had many successes in football recently. Apart from Euro 2016, of course.

Who elected Sandor Csanyi as new FIFA Vice President?

First of all, Csanyi will be the replacement of the previous FIFA VP, Angel Maria Villar. The Spaniard was arrested for corruption scandals, that’s why he gave up on his titles. And that’s also why it was necessary to name a new FIFA Vice President – from the European region, so UEFA’s approval was needed.

Csanyi’s victory was so obvious, you couldn’t even bet on new FIFA VP at online Sportsbook sites in Hungary. However, a bit unfortunate that it’s not because he’s so perfect of a candidate: the reason is more like his opponents. Or, well, the lack of those. Csanyi ran alone for the title, so it was quite obvious that he was going to get it eventually.

Who is Sandor Csanyi?

Naming him as the new FIFA Vice President would be way too obvious, so that’s not what I will do. But his career is quite admirable. He has been ruling Hungarian football as Head of the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) since 2010. However, he wasn’t named MLSZ president because of his outstanding results in football.

It was more like a political decision. Before being President of MLSZ, he was already the richest man in Hungary. He was also the main owner of the biggest bank chain in Hungary, OTP Zrt. And he was friends with prime minister Viktor Orban, which was obviously quite a help for him to advance in his career as a football-politician.

What will the new FIFA Vice President do?

Upon his acceptance, he said the main issues he will work on is to make progress – he wants more women to be engaged in football, he wants better opportunities for female football, all around the world. He also talked about the importance of youth academies and how the progress of tiny teams and countries being way too far away and much less developed than big countries needs to be overturned.

That’s the official part of his wishes as new FIFA Vice President. That’s the politician speaking. However, as all human beings, MLSZ President Sandor Csanyi also has his motives. Make no mistake, he has higher ambitions and the most glory he wants to bring is for his country – the rest is only secondary.

Bet on Hungary to host Euro / Champions League / World Cup final!

Currently we can’t find odds to bet on such hosts, but as soon as the online sportsbook directory starts offering these markets, we should count Hungary among the nominees. The Prime Minister failed to bring the Olympic Games to Budapest, but his obsession and ambition won’t end there. His main passion is about football.

New stadiums are being built every month in Hungary, while schools and hospitals are rotting away, but hey, who cares about those anyways. Those don’t bring fame, those only bring life and future. The ambition is crystal clear and now he has one more reason why he should try to host the Champions League final.

The new national stadium of Hungary is to be built by 2019. Puskas Ferenc Stadion will surely host a match at Euro 2020, and now that the new FIFA Vice President is Hungarian, we can sure for Hungary to apply for even more and even better opportunities. Will you bet on Hungary to host a Champions League final any time soon? Maybe you should…

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