Is It Wise to Bet on the English National Team to Boycott World Cup 2018?

Will any national team boycott FIFA World Cup 2018

With less than three months to go before World Cup kicks off, we look at the European diplomatic tensions with Russia, and how will they affect the Three Loins team. Check out our analysis on whether to bet on the English national team to boycott World Cup 2018.

According to online sportsbook news in the UK politicians were quick to jump on the World Cup to turn it into a political football, in the wake of the attempted murder of poisoning a former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury. The British government and members of the royal family already have taken the decision to boycott the World Cup in Russia this summer.

Will the English Football Association follow suit? There are some signs, and it will not be the first time in football history that a boycott may happen to the World Cup. So you may add some excitement from now and bet on the English national team to boycott World Cup 2018. But be aware that such decision will cost the British government a lot, prompting it to reconsider.

The price of boycotting FIFA World Cup

Daniel Martin

Gareth Southgate says no plans for an England boycott

There have been speculations by online sportsbook sites in the UK that if England boycotts the 2018 finals they could face the risk of breaching FIFA’s tournament regulations. As a response, FIFA could issue a penalty of a fine for at least 250,000 Swiss francs, along with banning England from the 2022 World Cup finals in Qatar. The money might not be deterrent, but for England to be absent for more than eight years of FIFA World Cup will certainly go down in history.

Other teams to boycott Russia

If it is proven that Russian operators were behind the poisoning in the UK, USA would be the first country to boycott Russia, but they are already missing out the World Cup, by losing their qualification with a (2-1) defeat to Trinidad & Tobago in October, 2017. Thus there are other countries expected to coordinate with Britain in retaliation against Russia including Australia, Poland, Japan and Germany the reigning World Cup champion. Maybe some of these countries would press their football associations to withdraw teams, but they will not do it without Britain.

Previous boycotts of the World Cup

According to online sportsbook news in the UK, in 1934 Uruguay declined the invitation to participate and continued their protest against the World Cup 1938. In 1950 India was not allowed to play barefoot by FIFA. The 1966 World Cup in England was boycotted by an entire continent of Africa. Finally in 1992 Yugoslavia were thrown out of the European Championship and replaced by Denmark with just a week’s notice after civil war broke out in the country. Is it England’s turn to withdraw?

Bet on the English national team to boycott World Cup 2018

If you check Betsupremacy Sportsbook there are no special odds on the English national team, rather there are odds of (12.00) to bet on any national team to boycott Russia until June, 14. Thus if a national team would make such a move, then it will probably be England. It is very difficult to tell whether it’s safe to bet on the English national team to boycott World Cup 2018, but the tension is already there and it may unpredictably rise anytime soon.

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