Soon, the Russian parliament may officially adopt a ban on bets that have no connection to sports. Indeed, this bill was registered by the parliament in February 2019. However, they adopted it for consideration only in the current year. In this article, we will discuss the new sports betting laws in Russia. How will they influence the gambling industry? Let’s find it out. ... read more

There are at least five table tennis odds this week. On April 14-19, you can follow matches of the Ukrainian, Russian, and Czech championships, which are still ongoing. Learn more about the most interesting competitions and place your bets on table tennis. ... read more

It may sound weird but there are clubs from several countries that can enter the Russian Premier League next season. The RPL new club odds show that football squads from three post-Soviet countries will play in Russia in 2020 and 2021, regardless of its possible postponement. ... read more

Unlike various football competitions, ice hockey odds this week are still valid to bet on. All the matches in Russian and Belarusian leagues keep on taking place daily, so follow our timetable to join the party and bet on the winner. ... read more

Well, that didn’t end too well. The Russian media has been buzzing with the story of a Russian politician’s illegal casino in his apartment. Unfortunately, after the discovery, he was then thrown out of the political party he was affiliated with. ... read more

Let me guess: you expected them to win, but they finished second. Unfortunately, the ESC history remembers many cases when the owner of the Glass Microphone was less wanted than the second chop. So, here is our list of best Eurovision runners-up who were robbed of victory in the 21st century. ... read more

Some gambling wise interesting historical events happened on January 27. John Lennon was writing the song “Instant Karma” in only one day, in 1970. In 1967, Astronauts were dying during a launch pad fire at an Apollo program test. 1965, a Ford Mustang racing car was debuting, Shelby GT 350.  In 1996 Monica Seles wins her first Grand Slam after being stabbed. 1987, the birthday of Anton Shunin, Russian goalkeeper. ... read more

International Weightlifting Federation’s corruption revealed by german ARD’s investigative journalists, IWF cant account for 5,5 million USD. While the federation is financed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), they said that they didn’t have an insight into IWF’s inside proceedings. From the confidential documents that are seized by ARD, it also turns out that most of the weightlifters achieving world titles were only tested for doping during the sports events. From ARD’s documentary, we can also know that bribes were accepted by members of Hungarian Anti-Doping Group (HUNADO) for falsifying test results. ... read more

The Marijuana lobby is not strong in the country, while the government is against it. Recently a group of deputies brought up a law that would lower the punishment. The government didn’t support the law. However, some people in the country still wait for actions. So, let’s take a look at the Marijuana legalization Russia odds. ... read more

Loonie vs Oxxxymiron

Philippine rapper Loonie (Marlon Peroramas) was arrested in a drug bust by Makati police. The famous rapper of the FlipTop battle league is serving his time in prison. Taking a look at Philippine drug laws he is going to have a hard time. However, Loonie vs Oxxxymiron would be one of the best battles in rap history, what are the odds that he can attain his battle? ... read more