Madonna Concert In Russia: Will The Pop Queen Bring Her Madame X Tour To The Country In 2020?

  • Madonna won’t bring Madame X to Russia due to the political reasons
  • The only Madonna’s visit to Russia in 2012 wasn’t a warm welcome
Madonna in Russia 2020
Image source: Dmitry Avdeev [CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL 1.2], via Wikimedia Commons

Madonna concert in Russia would never happen again according to her own statement. The pop icon once said that she was disappointed by the politics of the Russian government against the LGBT community. Will Madonna’s opinion change soon or is it still better to bet on her ignoring the country?

The one and only Madonna’s visit to Russia took place in 2012. The queen of pop brought her MDNA tour to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Both shows were sold out. That made Madonna’s fans hope to see their idol performing in Russia within her next world tour. They failed as the concert is not likely to take place in 2020. First, read our latest review about 1xBet Sportsbook. Then you can learn all the reasons on why Madonna isn’t back to Russia.

Madonna concert in Russia in 2020:
Yes 6.80
No 1.07

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Madonna concert in Russia odds: Madame X is not coming

Online sportsbooks in Russia say that betting on Madonna’s concert not to be held in 2020 is the best idea to benefit from singer’s conflict with locals. After her performance in Russia in 2012, both country’s authorities and the community have strongly criticized the pop icon. People didn’t like Madonna’s calls for tolerance, gays’ support and giving freedom to Pussy Riot. Anti-LGBT activists even went to the court to accuse the pop queen of gay propaganda among children, but there weren’t any consequences.

All these events made Madonna say that she is likely to never go back again due to the country’s policy against gays. She didn’t include Russia to her previous Rebel Heart tour. The country isn’t on the list of her upcoming show Madame X, which starts this September and ends on March 2020. Betting odds on the Madonna concert in Russi not to be held are 1.07 at 1xBET Sportsbook

The odds suggest there won’t be a Madonna concert in Russia

Some people believe that the conflict between Madonna and activists won’t stop the pop queen from visiting Russia. If she wants, Madonna can include the country on the tour list any time. There are still fans waiting for the iconic artist to perform for them. According to online sportsbook news sites in Russia, the possibility that Madonna brings her Madame X Tour to the country remains unlikely – 6.80.

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