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table tennis odds this week

There are at least five table tennis odds this week. On April 14-19, you can follow matches of the Ukrainian, Russian, and Czech championships, which are still ongoing. Learn more about the most interesting competitions and place your bets on table tennis.

This spring, several table tennis competitions will take place according to the schedule. The most popular are the Ukrainian Win Cup for both men and women, as well as the Setka Cup. Besides them, Moscow Liga Pro and Czech TT Star Series are also available for watching & betting at Bet365 Sportsbook. You can bet on these competitions too if you are a table tennis fan. Meanwhile, we are going to tell you about the most interesting table tennis odds this week in the Setka Cup and Win Cup.

Before we start, pay attention that we cover only today’s matches as the odds and schedule change daily. To stay tuned to the upcoming games, check online sportsbooks in Ukraine every morning and bet on the match of the day!

Ukraine Win Cup: table tennis odds this week

April 14, 2020, is full of competitive matches within the Ukraine Win Cup. Dmitriy Turchenko plays against Vladyslav Gorelov and Valentyn Polusmyak the same day. Semen Kosarev vs Sergey Pitsyk is also good to bet with the best table tennis odds this week. Kosarev’s chances to win are 1.61, which is one of the best results of the day.

Probably, Andrey Panuyshkin vs Maksim Butkov and Timur Karchevskiy vs Aleksandr Paniotov are the most interesting matches to watch today. The first game will take place at 18:40 (GMT +2) and will be broadcast live at Bet365 Sportsbook. To follow the game and place your bet, you have to be registered on the website, so don’t miss this step! The odds on Andrey Panuyshkin are 1.30, so this player is really likely to win and bring a profit.

The second competition of the Ukraine Win Cup will be held at 19:15 (GMT +2) the same day. The odds are 1.25 on Timur Karchevskiy, which is the best result of the day, and 3.75 on Aleksandr Paniotov to win. 

Win Cup Women

There are also many table tennis games among women that are scheduled for this week. 6 of them are played today and you can watch them live as well. In our opinion, the most worth-see game of the day is Ekaterina Gubskaya vs Marina Litovchenko with 1.33 odds on the last one to win. Litovchenko has the best chances of winning today among all female players, so why don’t you support her?

table tennis odds this week
There are countless matches for this week

Setka Cup: table tennis odds this week

More than 100 table tennis matches are scheduled for this week. Today, you can follow dozens of competitions in the Setka Cup with the leading game between Artem Derevynskyi and Kyrylo Ivchenko. Derevynskyi leads the odds (1.53), primarily thanks to Ivchenko’s tough schedule on April 14. The player will participate in 5 matches today, so obviously is likely to lose the last game of the day. Their competition will take place at 21:35 (GMT +2).

There are also 20+ other games to follow today. Online gambling sites in Ukraine give table tennis odds this week on Maksym Marchuk vs Mykhailo Voronyn, Oleh Pereguda vs Kostiantyn Yahnitskyi as well, but they won’t be broadcast live. However, you can follow them in the online chat if you decide to support one of the players.

If you miss these games by accident, follow the daily schedule at Bet365 Sportsbook as many other competitions are coming soon.

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