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Gambling in Bermuda

Most forms of gambling are illegal in the small Caribbean archipelago of Bermuda, which has a population of only 69,000. Land-based casinos are not legal to operate, although many have argued that Bermuda’s tourism industry would benefit from enticing foreign gamblers.

In 2008 the government commissioned a study to determine the potential positive effects of legalizing various forms of land-based and online gambling, but determined that the benefits were not great enough to justify legalization. The government does not issue licenses to online casinos or sportsbooks, but access to foreign-operated ones is not blocked or prosecuted.

The only legal forms of gaming are sports betting in land-based shops and bingo games.

Online Gambling in Bermuda

The government of Bermuda does not license online gambling providers. Part of why the government does not license the activity is because it would not directly promote tourism to the country. Proponents on the other hand argue that online gambling licensing would bring in additional tax revenue which could be used to further develop the tourism industry. While it is not officially licensed, the government makes no attempt to prevent people from accessing foreign-operated gambling sites.