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Lotto in Bermuda

According to Bermuda gambling laws, the Lotteries Act of 1944 clearly states that all lottery games are illegal unless they have a special license to operate lotto in Bermuda. Promoting gambling activities or selling lottery tickets can be counted as an offence against the above mentioned act.

Of course, there are certain loopholes in the gambling laws. For example, lottery games in Bermuda can be operated if their sole purpose is to entertain without claiming huge profit. Lotteries can also be promoted for charitable events without committing a crime against the act.

Bermuda lottery operators are given the chance to apply for a license from the Secretary to the Cabinet. Upon signed by at least 3 people, they will be able to launch their gambling services. The place of selling lotteries will also be fixed in the permit.

Online Lotto in Bermuda:

Providing online lottery in Bermuda is illegal in the island since the government refuses to issue licenses to online gambling operators. Despite the strict gambling laws, it is not impossible to play online lotto in Bermuda. Players are allowed to access foreign operators so they have a huge variety of online lotteries.