Telegram Unblock in Russia: Seemingly Impossible this Year

  • The banning of Telegram breaks Russia’s own constitutional law
  • Telegram co-founder goes to the court to end sanctions
  • People still use the app without the pursuit of FSB
Telegram Unblock in Russia 2019
Legal Telegram in Russia... not today.

The access to Telegram in Russia is not likely to be officially available for users by the end of 2019. Best odds on Telegram unblock in Russia show that the country’s authorities haven’t reached an agreement with the founders of the popular messenger yet.

The Russian court restricted access to Telegram on the whole country’s territory in 2018. The official reason for it was Yarovaya’s law. It is a collection of federal bills. These laws obligate telecom operators to save customers’ data and hand it over to the FSB by demand. The law faced a protest from the Telegram management. Pavel and Nikolai Durov insist that it is both technically impossible and injures Russians’ privacy of correspondence. Since then, the Russian government officially blocked Telegram. However, people keep using it.

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Telegram unblock in Russia won’t happen any time soon

The probability that Telegram will remain blocked in Russia is very high. According to online sportsbook news in Russia, betting odds on the app’s ban is 1.01 and there’s a little chance that it will be legalized for usage until 2020 the soonest.

The app co-founder Pavel Durov claims that following Yarovaya’s law is impossible due to the technical peculiarities of Telegram. Users store the keys of the messenger on their phones, but not the messenger itself. As a result, giving free access to the users’ data is not under the responsibility of Telegram managers. According to Durov, the law also injures people’s privacy of correspondence given by the Constitution. He supported the protest actions against Telegram banning and went to court to impeach a judgment.

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Russians still use Telegram quite often

Despite all the sanctions, the Telegram app still remains very popular among Russians. Citizens keep on using the messenger either with or without the help of VPN. Moreover, the number of Telegram daily users has grown after the access restriction – 3.7 million in 2018 against 4.5 million in 2019.

Telegram blocking by one of the Moscow courts on April 13, caused a wave of protests last year. More than 12.000 people supported the one in Moscow. The protests also took place in smaller cities of Russia under the motto “For the free Internet”.

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Protests, the functioning of Telegram within the country and the growth of its popularity, however, doesn’t affect the Russian authorities. The app remains blocked and will be so at least by the end of 2019 with 11.00 odds on 1xBet Sportsbook.

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