The hockey team is a single entity, which is driven by one goal, to win the game. Each team consists of players who perform their duties. But the head coach is responsible for how they do it. Sometimes, this position affects the success of the team more than the players themselves. Repeatedly there were cases when the arrival of a new coach was accompanied by the resurrection of the team. More than once, we have seen a team without stars win titles. Therefore, the coach plays a huge role in the team and its achievements. Now let’s take a look at the top of the 10 greatest coaches in NHL history. ... read more

Mixed martial arts, like other combat sports, is extremely unpredictable, and the mathematical calculation does not always work here. It also happened that, it would seem, a passing opponent, who was released into the cage only so that a stronger fighter had an opponent, won and sometimes did it devastatingly. There were very many such cases, and it is about five such cases that we will discuss. So, the TOP 5 biggest upsets in UFC history. ... read more

Dota 2 is a computer team game in the MOBA genre. Every year, it hosts eSports tournaments with a total prize fund of more than $20 million. The game gathers hundreds of thousands of spectators, which indicates an unprecedented public interest in competitions in this discipline. Almost every bookmaker gives a wide lane for Dota. In this article, we will talk about the best Dota 2 betting strategies for beginners and choose the best sportsbook. ... read more

Italy has demonstrated an excellent game of football to the whole world more than once. The national team of the country became the owner of the World Cup four times, the last time in 2006. Italian football has given the world hundreds of great players. Many of them have become legends of the sport and inspired millions of young people around the world. The legacy of Italian football cannot be overestimated, but it must always be remembered. The players we are talking about today are not only the best of the best in Italy but all over the world. So we decided to remind you of the top 9 Italian football players ever. ... read more

Cristiano Ronaldo is legendary (let’s not be afraid of this word) and the most expensive footballer of our time. His annual income is 31,503,835.56 euros. Since this season, the footballer has been playing for the English club Manchester United, the transfer fee was 20 million euros. Such money was not paid in vain: Ronaldo took first place in each of the famous football tournaments – the English Premier League, the Spanish Example, and the Italian Serie A. He is considered the best striker in the history of the national teams. In our article, you can admire Cristiano Ronaldo’s watch collection and not only. ... read more

Diego Armando Maradona was born in the slums of Buenos Aires. He managed to escape poverty by becoming a world football superstar. Many believe that he surpassed even the Brazilian Pele. Brilliant, scandalous, and outrageous Diego Maradona. A football icon with its flaws. One of the most gifted players in football, he possessed a rare combination of fuse, brilliance, tactical vision, and speed that captivated fans. However, many fans were enraged by his famous “hand of God” goal and repulsed by drug-related escapades off the field and a string of scandals in his personal life. So stick with us to know more about Diego Maradona scandals and history. ... read more

Our article is about Travis Rice snowboarder – one of the most famous people in the world of snowboarding. His choice of places to ride, and crazy and insane tricks will not leave anyone indifferent. For Travis, snowboarding is not a sport but an art. In one of his interviews, to the question “What is his main difference from the equally famous rider Sean White?” Travis Rice replied with a smile: “Sean wants to be a rock star, but I just want to grow a beard and have fun in nature.” This sums up Rice. His greatness is in simplicity, his legend lies not in titles and awards, but in the ability to live in harmony with nature.  ... read more

Recently, a large number of mesmerizing videos of people gliding in the air in special suits have appeared on the network. The spectacle of the daredevils soaring at a bird’s eye view cannot leave you indifferent. This extreme sport is called wingsuit flying. The idea of ​​flying in special suits was borrowed from flying squirrels. For a long time, attempts to design a flight suit ended tragically. It wasn’t until about twenty years ago that the modern reliable form of the wingsuit was developed. The suit was equipped with three wings (instead of two, as in earlier versions), equipped with two layers of fabric, capable of being filled with oncoming airflow. So this is our wingsuit flying guide for beginners, where we will talk about all this in more detail. ... read more

In modern football, the speed of the players plays a crucial role. Football is a physical game, where speed and quickness are the most important factors that contribute to the achievements of a particular team. Based on the results of various studies, we have compiled a list of players who have shown the best results in speed in the best European leagues. So who are the fastest soccer players in the world? ... read more

Finnish hockey is very closely related to Russian, and it’s not because of the geographical proximity. It was the Finnish team, especially in the 90s of the last century, that spoiled the nerves of Russian fans a lot. Russians lost to the Finns so often that journalists even invented a special concept of the “Finnish complex”. And they immediately began to offer recipes for how to deal with it. It was alleged that the Russians, having learned about the upcoming match with the Finns, psychologically “burn out” and were defeated even before the game.  In this article, we decided to talk about the best Finnish ice hockey players. So without further ado, let’s jump right in! ... read more

Modern football requires clear discipline. Each player on the field performs his function. The attackers score, the defenders protect the gate, start the attack, etc. And the goalkeepers, in turn, do not allow a goal to be scored. And their task is the opposite of the task of the attackers. However, there were exceptions when goalkeepers not only defended the goal but also excelled in scoring goals. The most striking exception was the Brazilian goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni who is one of the highest-scoring goalkeepers ever. ... read more

In football, the most important and valued thing is the scored goals. However, we should note that assists are also important. They are the most important chain of goals. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 most assists in football history, how many accurate passes they’ve made, and who is the best player who has the most assists at the moment? ... read more

When do you like to play in the casino? What time of day do you prefer? Maybe you challenge fortune on certain days of the week? Or do you have other selection criteria? Do you think this parameter affects the probability of success in gambling? Can casinos pay more often or more in certain periods? Are there winning cycles? As you can see, this topic raises a lot of questions. Let’s figure out together what you need to consider when choosing the best time to play in the casino. ... read more

Esports tournaments have been one of the most popular entertainment events in the world in recent years. They attract millions of people in front of the screens and guarantee unlimited gaming pleasure. The fact that esportsmen are fighting for multimillion-dollar prize money has not become an exception for a long time. So which are the biggest prizes in eSports? Here are five of the highest trophies in eSports history. ... read more

Every gambler dreams of hitting a huge jackpot one day that will forever change their life for the better. Even the most pragmatic and skeptical users, deep down, hope to hit a huge jackpot or hit a fantastic white streak that will bring huge payouts. Probably, such expectations are the main reason that makes people sit for hours in the casino, buy lottery tickets for years, patiently hit the video slot buttons, and storm poker tournaments. In this article, we will tell eight stories, each of which surprises in its way. So which are the best gambling winnings ever? ... read more

Many regular casino customers combine the love of gambling and good music. So online gambling software manufacturers periodically release slot machines dedicated to legendary singers, rock bands, and even touching on the history of song creation. We have prepared for you an overview of some of the most interesting models that music lovers will surely like. So which are the best music slot machines? ... read more

Online gambling is full of unusual slot machines with a unique design, original bonuses, non-standard gameplay features, and other features that amaze users. But manufacturers of offline slot machines are also able to surprise casino visitors with funny and unusual casino slot machines. Most of them are installed in Las Vegas since it is here that gigantomania and eccentricity are elevated to a cult. Not all of them allow you to play for money, and some of them are fakes, but we had to tell our readers about them. ... read more

The football transfer market of recent years has been extremely unstable, and demand is often many times greater than supply. This problem has especially affected top clubs that are aimed at buying already established star players. Nevertheless, such an opportunity is not always present. And to close one or another problematic position in the team, football giants buy promising and often still very green players who do not always meet the expectations placed on them. And clubs lose a lot of money on the transfer and the player’s salary. It also often happens that a player has a huge potential, however, in the wake of popularity, he simply loses the motivation to continue giving all his best at 100% and subsequently loses a lot in the level of the game. So this is about the 5 most overrated football players who failed after gaining popularity and recognition.  ... read more

When they swim, play football, or wrestle, winning medals and titles, they do not have enough free time. But when they get out of the pool, leave the ring, or get off their bikes, they have both time and a new life that is difficult to form all at once. What does life look like after a sports career? It is difficult for public people to remain in the shadows, they are trying to conquer stages and screens. There have been so many athletes trying out the film industry that it’s hard to name them all. Only a few managed to make a successful career in cinema. So let’s recall some of these athletes who became actors! ... read more