Hedging against uncertainty by betting is a strange call at first glance. However, the word betting can be interpreted as putting some effort or goods into something and waiting for return and profit. An investment can be interpreted as betting too. You know the market, the prices, but you can never be 100% sure that your investment is coming back to you. How can you avoid the uncertainty of betting on people and what all this has to do with corruption? A broad reading of betting and a philosophical adventure follows. ... read more

Nuns stealing to go gambling – sounds like a title of a good movie, however, this is reality. Sister Mary Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang were admittedly stealing $500,000 from St James Catholic School in California. They were stealing the money over a course of several years, in order to go to Las Vegas gambling trips. ... read more

While most of the sports events are canceled by now, online casinos in the US are offering the same games as usual. While nothing is like the real thing, online live casinos have some perks over the normal ones. Here is a guide to live casinos and how to bring the maximum out of the experience. ... read more

There is a global pandemic but some people like Tony Ferguson are not getting it. The fight between Ferguson and Nurmagomedov in April was something that many were looking forward to. We were writing a detailed prediction about this fight in our Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagemodev article. Now it’s going to be the fifth time that the fight is postponed. ... read more

There are still very long table tennis matches, however, the game wasn’t always as fast-paced as today. Fortunately, you can still make bets on table tennis games on BET365 Sportsbook. Anyways, let’s grind up the longest ever matches of table tennis in this article. ... read more

Online Gambling laws in Lithuania can be a bit complicated sometimes. It is similar to any legal issue in any other country. Gambling laws in Lithuania were going through some changes in recent years. The Gambling Control Authority under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania (GCA) is regulating every part of the gambling industry. ... read more

Shotgun Golf

British researchers have discovered that Golf is the most boring sport in the world. If you are a golf fan (have a nice sleep) fear not! The idea of Shotgun Golf is not new, but maybe mankind is grown enough to adapt to this beautiful game. While you can make bets on the biggest golf events through online sportsbooks in the US, 1xBET Sportsbook, for example, has one of the greatest odds, but why would you do it? Instead, you should work on making Shotgun Golf a national sport. ... read more

Strange hotels are awaiting you all around the world. Are you the lucky guy and could stack up some money with online casinos in the UK? Here are my ideas where you should spend a part of your winnings. Leave the “normal” behind and live an extraordinary life.  There is a point when luxury becomes boring in itself, let’s pair it with oddities ... read more

The story of Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino dates back to 30 years now. Being one of the most iconic casinos of Las Vegas, the Rio is the right place to spend your stay in Vegas. While online casinos in the US are giving you the comfort to play from your home, there are just some luxury things that cannot be skipped once you visit the city of lights. ... read more

Pachinko is a Japanese arcade game, something similar to western culture’s slot machines. Pachinko is in the grey area of the law. Besides horse racing gambling is illegal in Japan, thus it’s understandable that pachinko earns more than Vegas. While there are no online casinos holding Japanese gambling licenses, there are many online casinos in Japan that accept Japanese players even to deposit in yen. However, on 1xBET Casino, for example, you can’t play pachinko. ... read more

Nominates are ready for BBC Sports Person of the Year 2020 award. Let’s see who are the athletes with the most chance to win BBC’s annual award for the best sportsman. While the best British sportsman is going to be chosen by public vote, online sportsbooks in the UK are already made it available for you to vote. ... read more

Nominates for RTE Sports Person of the Year Award 2020 are available. Online sportsbooks in Ireland are ready to take your bets. As most of you know RTE  Sports Person of the Year award takes place every year in December. The aim is to honor the greatest Irish sportspersons who were achieving the most in the current year. The nominates for the public vote are selected by RTE journalists. ... read more

Since Oleksandr Usyk was calling out Deontay Wilder for a fight at the end of the last year, we can expect that is going to possibly happen in the near future. Let’s see what Deontay Wilder vs Oleksandr Usyk odds is telling us about this prospective fight. Following online sportsbooks in the US, we are able to find betting possibilities for this fight. ... read more

And more. Here is our comprehensive, all-in, ultimate guide to sumo. In this article, you will find everything about sumo that you ever wanted to know. And maybe even more. While the Haru Basho tournament is almost over there are many championships coming up in the future. Following online sportsbook news in the US, you can always find these and most of the time you can make bets on them through the 1xBET Sportsbook. ... read more

Gossips are going around that there could be a Josh Kelly vs Conor Benn bout happen. While official sources did not verify it yet, online sportsbook news in the US is blogging about the trash talk is going between the two fighters. And this trash talk is massive. While it is not officially let’s play with the thought who could win this fight. ... read more

Australian Institution of Sports is going to hand out their reward for the best female sportsman in 2020 too. And guess what, you can make a bet on it. The year is hardly started but we can already start guessing the winner of the AIS Sport Performance Awards 2020. Follow online sportsbooks in Australia to find the best options to make this bet. ... read more

I was about seven years old when I went to a football match with my father. It was a small game in a small village in Hungary. If you hear football Hungary is not the first thing that is coming to your mind and it’s totally fine. Since that match, I always ask myself the question: Why do people enjoy football matches so much? ... read more