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Posted: March 30, 2020

Updated: March 30, 2020

  • The moving hotel
  • Hotel made out of sand
  • Sleep with the fishes
  • Rodent style
Image Source: Flickr

Strange hotels are awaiting you all around the world. Are you the lucky guy and could stack up some money with online casinos in the UK? Here are my ideas where you should spend a part of your winnings. Leave the “normal” behind and live an extraordinary life.  There is a point when luxury becomes boring in itself, let’s pair it with oddities.

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The Museum Art Hotel

The Museum Art Hotel is located in Wellington, New Zeland. While at first glance there is nothing unusual about it, it is one of the biggest buildings that was moved. The building weighs about 3500 tonnes and was moved 180 meters from its original spot. Moving the building was taking about 5 months. The building was turned into a railway cage and was moved on wheels on 8 railways. The funny thing about moving is that they didn’t empty the hotel before it. Even the bottles were on their original spot in the bar. The moving was carried out so carefully that nothing broke and there was not even a single crack on the building.

Palacio de Sal – Strange hotel made out of salt

If you wonder how to spend your jackpot, traveling is surely one of the first things that are coming to people’s minds. The Palacio de Sal hotel (Palace of salt in Spanish) is located in a quite remote space. You can find it on the biggest salt flat in the world, that Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. it has an altitude of 3,656 meters and it’s a quite big tourist attraction. On it’s 10,582 square meters you can ride a bicycle with closed eyes as long as you wish.

strange hotel
Salt Building – Image source: Kuerschel / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Since it’s a big tourist attraction, it was obvious that this place will need a strange hotel where people on the journey can have some rest. However, acquiring construction materials at this place is quite hard for obvious reasons, there is nothing more here than salt. This is why they were building the hotel completely from salt blocks. The beds, tables and other furniture are also made out of salt. There is one important rule if you visit this place, don’t lick the walls to prevent the hostel from disappearing.

The Manta Resort – Strange hotel under the water

When I was a kid and was watching the first episode of Star Wars, I really like the idea of the home town of Jar-Jar Binks. Fortunately, the dream came into reality when they were constructing the Manta Resort in Tanzania, Africa. This hotel is a floating establishment which has its balcony on the surface and its bedroom 4 meters deep in the see. Once you were enjoying the view from your bedroom you just have to collect your scuba diving accessories and dive deep into the see to get even into closer connection with nature than before.

La Villa Hamster – Strange hotel for strange people

Are you tired of everyday struggles? People are annoying you and you just want to escape? Look no further! Going to a remote island can be a solution, however, La Villa Hamster is offering the perfect solution. You will not only escape from everyday life, but you can get rid of the suffering of being a human. In this strange hotel, you can live like a hamster. Once you enter you can receive your hamster masks to assimilate with other guests. You are going to sleep on a haystack and will have your own life-size hamster wheel, so there is also an opportunity to exercise.

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