The Perks of Live Casinos


Posted: April 3, 2020

Updated: April 3, 2020

  • What can the real casinos offer that live ones can't?
  • The perks of live casinos.

While most of the sports events are canceled by now, online casinos in the US are offering the same games as usual. While nothing is like the real thing, online live casinos have some perks over the normal ones. Here is a guide to live casinos and how to bring the maximum out of the experience.

Playing against a random generator is surely not a big threat. However, online live casinos are around now and they are offering a new level of reality. 1xBET Casino offers a great variety of live games.

How to substitute the casino experience – Guide to live casino


While the online casino is giving a lot of thrill with their live games, there are some things that you are going to miss. However, here are some ideas on how can you find a substitution for these things. What you won’t find on live casinos is obviously free drinks. But hey, head to your local shop and buy some of the materials for your favorite cocktails. With this method, you will have better quality drinks than the casinos’ free drinks fur sure. Furthermore, you won’t have to wait for the hostesses, they usually only bring you a drink after you have lost some money. I know it’s not a “free drink” but you will get wasted on a smaller budget trust me.

Casino atmosphere

Casinos are designed to keep people inside as long as possible. They don’t have windows so you don’t experience the passing of the time. You will never be able to see a clock in a casino. All the furniture and the shady lightning are designed that you feel like you are in your living room. Now here is what you have to do. Close the curtains on your windows. Use only dim lights, or if you don’t have one use a piece of your clothing to shade your lamp. Sit down with your favorite cocktail that you made two liters of beforehand and log in to 1xBET’s live casino and go full screen. Now you are getting their high roller.

Shows and other activities besides gambling

If you check Las  Vegas casinos you can see that there are some other activities besides gambling. You can enjoy concerts in many places for example. While in a real casino to join a concert you have to leave the playing area. Playing the online live casino you just have to open a tab in your browser to do the same for free. Some casinos in Vegas are also offering the option to get married. Now, on the first hand, I suggest that it’s maybe not a problem to miss out on this. On the other hand, this is something that really hard to substitute. However, with the improvements of modern technology, and how the society is adapting to it more and more, I’d say it’s not going to be long before you can go to your virtual date.

perks of live casinos
Online casinos have many perks.

Perks of the live casinos

Comparing to original casinos online live casinos have many perks. If you are working in the home office you are already used to the comfort of video meetings. When you are going to the office you have to wear clothes. Now, when you are at the video conference you just have to wear a shirt. However, be careful when you are going out to the toilet for example. Besides that, you are 100% free. Better yet, one of the most important perks of live casinos that their video chats are one way. While in many casinos there are dress codes, playing live casinos you can wear your comfiest clothes.

There are no bouncers in live casinos

I mean who likes those big guys nosing around? In the casinos, every one of your blinks is highly motorized. This is against individual freedom. This can never happen in an online live casino. Also, if you lose, you can go all out. Nobody will say a word if you crash your furniture or throw your computer out of the window.

You don’t have to go through personal interactions

There is always that one annoying guy who is peaking behind your shoulder. Waiting in greed for you to lose. Or that one who is trying to have small talk with you. Spilling his miserable life all over your best suit. Fear not! You don’t have to deal with them anymore. One of the biggest perks of live casinos is that you enjoy total freedom on your own. However, if you want to play with your friends there is also a possibility of that. You just go into a video conversation and join the same table. Thus you can enjoy the same game at the same time.


You might feel safe amongst the bouncers, but don’t let yourself drift into delusion. Unfortunately, casinos are not the safest places to be. There are many shady persons going there laundering money. Also, you can never know if some gamblers are in that tight situation that after a big loss they are capable of anything. Real-world casinos are also a usual object for robberies. I am not saying that it’s the fault of the casino, but where are a lot of many circulating, there will be always some people who try. On the contrary, sitting in your cozy room, playing live casino, you can enjoy a way higher level of safety.

A conclusion on the perks of live casinos

All in all, we can say, that everything a real casino can offer can be substituted in your home too. Besides that, there are many perks of live casinos comparing to the real ones. I can’t really say anything else, ascend your gambling experience into the 21st century with live casinos. I can’t really wait for the time when virtual reality technology is going to reach the casinos.

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