Biggest Clubs That Are UEFA Treble Winners

  • Only 12 clubs won trophies in three big competitions in one season
  • Not only top European FCs managed to become UEFA treble winners
  • There is one popular squad that won two trebles in 2009 and 2015
uefa treble winners

There are only 12 football clubs that won three major trophies in Europe in one year. They are called UEFA treble winners for taking 3 both domestic and European leagues. One of the FCs even managed to win a pair of trebles less than in a decade. So, what top clubs are on the list?

As there are 12 treble-winning football clubs, we will not describe them all in our article. We are going to focus on top clubs that are on everyone’s lips as they still dominate in Europe. Therefore, we will separate top-5 soccer clubs from all UEFA treble winners and give you the list of the other teams below:

  • #12 Manchester United (1998/99: the English Premier League, the FA Cup, and the Champions League)
  • #11 Steaua Bucharest (2014/15: Romania Liga I, the Romanian Cup, and the Nation’s League Cup)
  • #10 Galatasaray (1999/2000: the Turkish Super League, the Turkish Cup, and the UEFA Cup)
  • #9 Eindhoven (1987/88: the Eredivisie, KNVB Cup, and European Cup)
  • #8 Porto (2010/11: the Portuguese League, the Portuguese Cup, and Europa League)
  • #7 Celtic (1966/67: the European Cup, the Scottish Cup, and League Cup)
  • #6 Benfica (2013/14: Primeira Liga, the Portuguese, and League Cups)

UEFA treble winners #5: Ajax

Ajax FC from Amsterdam is the second European club that won the treble, following Celtic. The Dutch squad that experienced a new wave of popularity in the 2010s, won the Netherlands Football League Championship, the KNVB Cup and the European Cup during the 1971-72 season. In general, the Dutch club has won the local league 34 times, which is the best result in the Netherlands.

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Treble-winning club #4: Inter Milan

Inter Milan is the only football club from Italy to win three trophies in European leagues and/or domestic championships. Their most successful season was in 2009/10 when they won Serie A, Coppa Italia and outplayed Bayern Munich – 0:2. This victory allowed Inter Milan to take its third Champions League title.

uefa treble winners
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Besides being among UEFA treble winners, the Italian squad dominated the domestic championship 18 times. Their last successful performance, however, was the year they won the treble. Since then, Internazionale failed to become champions although they have been showing good results from year to year.

Bayern Munich is #3 among treble winners

As the major German football giant, Bayern Munich isn’t an unexpected guest on this list. The club is among the best UEFA treble winners thanks to the successful 2012/13 season. The whole year passed by under the German banner. First, Bayern won the treble consisting of the German Bundesliga, the German Cup, and the Champions League. Next year, the country’s national team won the World Cup while being the absolute favorite during the whole competition. We will never forget that 1:7 match with Brazil… During this period, Germans showed their undeniable dominance in football. If you think that they will be on top again, use online sportsbooks in Germany to bet on it to win the UEFA Euro 2021.

UEFA treble winners #2: Liverpool

When it comes to English clubs, many successful squads come to mind. However, none is as good today as Liverpool. This club is on top with the most recent Champions League title and almost-winning EPL trophy in 2020. Liverpool had been waiting for its dominance in football to come back since the 1980s. Although they won some trophies in the 1990s and 2000s, the club was far from the success it got in 1983/84, when they finished first in the English First Division, the League Cup and European Cup.

Meanwhile, the English national team leads the odds to win the European championship next year. Many Liverpool players are in, so bet on the English hegemony in football to keep going.

Barcelona is #1 with multiple treble wins

One of the best squads in Europe, Barcelona is unbeatable when it comes to UEFA treble winners. The Spanish top club became a treble-winner twice, which makes it the only team to do that. 

Barca won the Spanish La Liga, Copa Del Rey and Champions League for the first time in the 2008/09 season. Seven years later, Catalonians replicated their achievement. Both times they beat Athletic Bilbao in the Copa Del Rey final and outran Real Madrid in the domestic league. At the 2009 Champions League, Barcelona defeated Man Utd with the 2:0 total score. In 2015, a 1:3 victory over Juventus brought the club their 5th UCL title and the second treble. Well done!

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