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Why Should You Bet on England to Win Euro 2021?

  • There are many reasons to support England at the 2020 Euro
  • Football players & teams from the UK are on top these days
  • Who else can win the European championship next year?
bet on England to win Euro 2021

Since fans have learned that the European championship will be held next year, they started betting on the winner again. Most of the predictions show England and Belgium as favorites having equal chances to take the cup. We recommend you to bet on England to win Euro 2021 and there are many reasons why.

The UEFA management has announced that the European championship 2020 will take place next year. One of the biggest football competitions is scheduled for June 11-July 11, 2021. This was good news for all football fans as the fate of the Champions League, Europa league and local tournaments is still indefinite.

As soon as news about the European championship appeared, fans started making predictions again. Bet365 Sportsbook presented the new odds on participants, where English and Belgian national teams are dominating. In this article, we will tell you why you should bet on England to win Euro 2021.

What are the odds on the Euro 2021 participants?

Since we have learned that at least one big football competition wasn’t canceled, Bet365 Sportsbook showed odds on 36 European national teams that could win the European championship. Here are 10 favorites with the best chances of winning and some of them can surprise you:

  • England – 6.00
  • Belgium – 6.00
  • France – 6.50
  • Netherlands – 8.00
  • Germany – 8.00
  • Spain – 9.00
  • Italy – 12.00
  • Portugal – 17.00
  • Croatia – 26.00
  • Ukraine – 67.00

Although there are some interesting positions like Belgium’s tie with Englishmen or the Ukrainian football team in top-10, these odds are at least one reason to bet on England to win the Euro 2021. Let’s look at the other reasons closely.

Reasons to bet on England to win Euro 2021

There are many arguments why betting on England to win the European championship 2021 makes sense. Firstly, it’s the odds. The English national team leads the odds at each of the online sportsbooks in the UK that has already made predictions. Usually, there’s a slight difference between various sportsbook sites, but England is ahead everywhere this time. Yet it shares 6.00 odds with Belgium, the Three Lions have more chances to win as they have the strongest players so far.


Here comes the next reason why you should bet on England to win Euro 2021. The last two years showed that clubs from the UK were getting back their dominance in the football world. The 2018 Champions League had an English club (Liverpool) playing in the final for the first time since 2012. It ended firstly German, then Spanish/Italian hegemony in European football. Liverpool consolidated its success together with Tottenham next year, when we had “the English final” in the 2019 Champions League. At the same time, Man City is predicted to win the 2020 CL when it takes place. As we can see, the English clubs occupied the major club competition in Europe, which makes its players the best in the world so far.

bet on England to win Euro 2021
Start thinking about your 2021 bets!

Finally, some individuals playing in the England national team are worth attention. First, it’s Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander-Arnold from Liverpool FC. Both significantly helped their club to take the Champions League and technically win the 2019/20 EPL (you can’t disagree that Liverpool is not worth the title). Finally, Harry Kane (Tottenham) as a captain shouldn’t be underestimated as well. Don’t you believe that this team can win?

You can discover more about Bet365 Sportsbook here.

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