Special Bets on UEFA Competitions 2020

  • The 2020 UEFA Euro is the only sports event with a bright future
  • What country can win the European championship next year?
special bets on UEFA competitions

All major football events in Europe are postponed for an indefinite period, but there is one competition with a bright future ahead. Special bets on UEFA competitions shed some light on the fate of the 2020 European championship, which was officially scheduled for the next year.

The European championship or the UEFA Euro 2020 will take place next year. This was good news that came from the UEFA management in late March. As soon as they officially announced the postponement of the competition until 2021, 1xBet Sportsbook updated its predictions about the next winning country. So, what are the new odds?

Euro 2020 latest news & special bets on UEFA competitions

The 2020 UEFA Euro predictions look the most optimistic for all football fans. The championship was officially postponed until next year with reservation of all countries’ results. This is definitely good news for all nations, whose teams managed to qualify for the competition. The new dates of the 2020 European championship are from June 11 to July 11, 2021. Save the date now and count days till the biggest tournament of the next year!

Meanwhile, 1xBet Sportsbook has already presented the list of the European championship teams, who are the most likely to win next year. Belgium and England are among the main favorites with 6.00 odds each. The French national team is just one step behind; the squad is a runner-up with 6.50 odds. The defending champion – Portugal – is far behind by the odds, but you can bet on it if you believe that Cristiano Ronaldo and Co won’t get out of shape.

Special bets on UEFA competitions aka top-10 possible Euro 2020 (2021) winners are the following:

  • Belgium – 6.00
  • England – 6.00
  • France – 6.50
  • Netherlands – 8.00
  • Germany – 8.00
  • Spain – 9.00
  • Italy – 12.00
  • Portugal – 17.00
  • Croatia – 26.00
  • Ukraine – 67.00

As the European championship is already scheduled, you can choose the winning country.  Bet on England to win as its national team has not only the best odds, but some aces up in its sleeve.

special bets on UEFA competitions
What will happen to this year’s UEFA?

Who else can win?

One of the biggest surprises of the Euro 2020 Group stage was Ukraine. The country’s national team managed to qualify for the championship from the 1st place, having left behind the reigning champions. Such a successful start of the Ukrainian squad resulted in 67.00 odds on the country to win. This is not the best prediction at 1xBet Sportsbook, but one shouldn’t underestimate this country. Ukraine can easily proceed to the semi-final and even further because football is an unpredictable sport

Belarus has one of the highest odds to win the UEFA Euro 2020, but this Eastern European country can surprise us once again. It is well-known that the Belarusian Premier League is the only ongoing league on the continent. It means that its football players will be in perfect shape when it comes to the biggest competition in Europe. Moreover, there are many talented Belarusian players performing in their domestic league. They significantly help their country to stay on top these days and there is nothing holding them from doing the same next year.

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