Early-Bird The Bachelor Australia 2020 Odds

  • The Australian Bachelor is still scheduled for 2020
  • Locky Gilbert is a new guest. Who can win his heart?
Bachelor Australia 2020 odds
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Not every single TV show on the planet is canceled this year. Projects that are scheduled for late summer and autumn are still in and The Bachelor is one of them. Take a look at Bachelor Australia 2020 odds as they try to predict the next winner.

The Bachelor Australia 2020 odds belong to those rare bets that weren’t called off from online sportsbooks in New Zealand due to the cancellation of events across the globe. The 8th edition of the popular TV show is still scheduled for this year. Although we still don’t know the exact date of the Bachelor 2020 premiere on TV screens, here are the first odds. But first, let’s figure out everything we know about the upcoming season at this point. 

Who is the Bachelor?

This year, The Bachelor series will introduce Locklan “Locky” Gilbert as the major participant. This handsome 30-years old man is already familiar to some viewers. Previously, he starred in another TV show – Australian Survivor – and then joined Survivor: All-Stars. This summer, he will be the lead star in The Bachelor and probably break a few hearts. So, what do we know about this man?

Lachlan Gilbert is an adventure tour guide in Europe originally coming from Perth, Western Australia. This 1.95 cm tall guy is really passionate about sports & adventures: he likes base jumping, scuba and cave diving, climbing, hiking, which also helps him in his career. Gilbert describes himself as a half-lazy TV addict, a half-active adrenaline seeker. He has previously been on television thanks to the Australian Survivor, where he participated in 2017 and finished 5th out of 24. Locky even set the record for the most consecutive individual who won most Immunity Challenges on the show (3). This achievement was later tied by Luke Toki and Brooke Jowett, who he used to date.

When the show is expected to be out?

Bachelor Australia 2020 odds
Anna Heinrich was the winner of the first Season – Image source: Eva Rinaldi / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The Network 10 has announced no date for the 2020 Bachelor to premiere on TV screens yet. Therefore, we will try to come up with the estimated period when the reality show can be out. Let’s take a look at 7 past seasons. The very first editions of the Australian Bachelor came out in September and ended in November, but none of its successors followed its steps. The next seasons were out from the end of July to mid-September with one exception (season 6 premiered in mid-August).

It would be reasonable to suggest that the new edition premieres in July as well, but there is one catch. The pandemic might not affect plans concerning the release of The Bachelor, but the 8th season can’t be filmed these days. Therefore, we suppose that you should expect Locky Gilbert to appear on TV again in September the earliest. Follow online gambling news in New Zealand to learn about the next Bachelor Australia 2020 odds.

Who will be the next winner by Bachelor Australia 2020 odds?

Although it is too early to go by participants as none of them was announced, Unibet Sportsbook presented its Bachelor Australia 2020 odds. You can try to guess the common features of the next winner: her age and origin.

Thus, if you believe that Gilbert can choose his soul mate aged between 28-29, choose the best odds of 2.85 to bet on it. Yet the average age of winners was 30-31, this time she should be younger than the 30-years-old bachelor. However, this is not crucial. Finally, you can try to guess where she will come from. Victoria? New South Wales? Or will she be from the same state as Locky? Choose your bet and wait with us for the next The Bachelor edition.

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